Goodbye2010 And Welcome 2011

Unwinding old thoughts
Coming up with the new ideas
Rejuvenating my own soul

Blessings of New Year waiting ahead
A knock on the door
Will be heard soon

Cyclone of thoughts calming down
Chirping of birds
Sounds distinctly
Stirred thoughts to proper consistency
Dissolving the unsolved matters
Transparency is yet to be achieved
But the process is going on
Music sounds relaxing to hear
Senses working even better
Jolted mish mash cleared up
Life seems to be better
Breathing pattern improved

Smile wants to spend life on lips
Tears said goodbye
Song on lips started with humming
Hesitated to enjoy
From fear of losing it

Want to hug New Year
With a hope of happiness around
With a hope of becoming a better person

Lets say goodbye and thanks to 2010
And welcome New Year 2011

Wish you all a very happy new year

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inspiring one self
raising standards to grow further
aspire high
to touch the sky
often ask what you want from life
aim or just to be happy
too much focussed
to enjoy life
racing for mirage
desire to be satisfied
but greed
dismay satisfaction
heavy head with thoughts
bursting into headaches
overambitious persuasions
killing enamor of the moment
high tide of thoughts
rushing out of mind
finding ways
to overpower the hurdles
why I am thinking this?
what will I get through all this?
where is my peace of mind?
let me take a deep breath........
to answer questions which I raised

thinking now off the race

Bad Fashion Days-Yet Memorable

brandmile "bad fashion days" contest

Gosh! those were the days when I joined the college and college meant to me was a platform to show my  fashion statements like in  typical movies.With that sort of stuff in my mind I stepped in  the I am sharing my experiences of bad fashion days.

Famous - By Payal Kapoor

Those were the tough days where my dreams vanished to feel free in terms of fashion .When I tried to fly while flapping my wings , entering in bizarre world of college.I felt myself lost in the crowd of seniors and all I could hear was -heyyyyy freshie! how dare you blah are not a model and your dress code during ragging period-first sixth month would be tri colored suits and try weirdest colors and it should not match anyhow and mind it to oil your hair till it will start dripping on your face.  and if you will not follow the rules then...........god only knows.
After completing schooling and got rid of that school uniforms and pleated hairs , I thought that in college I can dress up myself the way I wanted to.All the time we used to wear those pathetic tri colored suits and oil-yuk felt weird that too in the humid weather conditions.Whenever we freshies tried to break the rules ,we payed for it by writing notes for the seniors, entertaining them with all our skills of dance and music and they always wanted innovative things.

We were not less than any one so we tried to watch movie and went to movie hall wearing jeans and experimented with tresses.Fortunately, we watched the movie and enjoyed it like anything but we were watched by our seniors while having fun and caught once we came out.The thrill and expressions changed in a while and the smile curve took the reverse curve and we added a little more expressions of feeling sorry....with a blend of tears in eyes.When we reached hostel, we were received with grand welcome and the long list off to do things from seniors.

Those were truly BAD FASHION DAYS but memorable and brings smile on my face.

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no matter things got worst
could not quench your thirst
spread the smile on your lips

no matter how much pain you felt
fragrance of success you never smelt
wear the smile on your lips

no matter how hard life becomes
life taught tough lessons
smile for what have you got

no matter heart broke many a times
wings torn before flying
smile ,it will heal soon

no matter how deep you fall
pushed by people to fall apart
smile and enjoy free fall

no matter hurt by your own ones
scattered wounds left lonesome
smile that you know the reality now

Akshaya Patra-Changes Life

I was blessed inside the womb;
scared when entered this world.

Crawled in mud,
rejoiced the freedom;
without causing concern.

Saw my peer group going to school
but I never realized;
when I had become
पापी पेट का सवाल
I was begging with hurt.

Scolded, ignored, neglected;
subjected to abusive tongues.

but then
someone came with concern
and said
if you want
you can earn food
while studying for free,
which way you want to go;
a life with respect
or wants to be a पापी पेट का सवाल  throughout life.

For the children who feels the way I expressed it-''if you receive my message somehow than join Akshaya Patra as ''they will feed not only your stomach but also your soul ''

akshayapatra banner
link to make a donation online:

For those who can change their [above mentioned] lives than make a difference to someones life or lives, or those who can write [my fellow bloggers or readers] , write for them ...your efforts will feed them and your soul .

Thanks for reading and contributing,

Dr Pratibha

My Thoughts For The Week

1]Concentrate on your breathing pattern,it will bring you closer to yourself.

2]Breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity.

3]Open your arms ,let the world know you and let yourself to know the world

4]Wear a crown of happiness and feel like a king.

5]Welcome the worth opportunities which comes to you and forget those you missed.

6]If emotions gives you heart aches then try to be practical for a change.

7]If you are hurt then cry for sometime and promise not to cry for the same thing again.

Riddles With Answers

Riddle-the more you expect ,the less you will get and the less you expect ,more you will get

Riddle-the more you live,the more you learn

Riddle-love without condition ,cry without a reason

Riddle-when you love someone without giving freedom
Answer-its not love but insecurity

Riddle-when you make and break rules

Riddle-who thinks beyond lines

Riddle-when you fly without wings and swim without fins

-when your body hurt less and mind more

Riddle-when your body don't support you nor your own ones
Answer-old age

Riddle-if  you prey for others.then you are
Answer-an angel

Riddle-if others pain makes you smile,then you are
Answer-a demon

Riddle-the one who has all the answers

The Mystery

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Did that worry you?
Confused you, blurred your memory
Something is going on behind retina;
Faded thoughts,
Trying to unfold the mystery

A blood stained hand impression
Questioned the investigation
Turns and twists
Twisted again
Mystery unsolved

A home carpeted with blood
Kids killed and never seen again
Pieces sold from their bodies
Left several unanswered questions
Mystery dissolved

A girl going home midnight
Disappeared from sight
Cloth over her mouth
She swallowed her cries, her pain
Thrown away once torn apart
Mystery on hold

Unsafe roads scares
Night on roads worst than a nightmare
Road turning into mischievous forest
Wearing insecurities
Beholding breaths
dread in eyes
Rushing towards home
Everyday conquering over fear

Wrapping strength
Disoriented by flapping tongues
Thoughts permeating on paper
Unrevealed mysteries flare up.

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This place have been the ducky meeting spot, though looks like a haunted place, for Amy and Sam; they used to spend times together their for hours.Their was romance in the air and waves were  singing love songs.Everything was so perfect ....Amy gave her creative touches to this house and she used to stayed their long hours for waiting for her beloved , in fact she used to love waiting as she always had reached that place hours before the meeting time.She used to put flowers in the flower vase, clean up and decorating that place ,spraying room freshner to freshen up the ambiance. She was one of her own kind. She used to greet her lover with a warm hug and talking for hours.....eating in candle light [as their was no power] than dancing together.

Life was like a fairy tale to her.One day Sam told Amy that he has some urgent work and need to go out for five days.Amy was disheartened by the thought that how could she live without him for five days,Amy was forcing him to stay or to take her with him. He denied because of urgency to go.She cried a lot tried to stop him but all in vain he left her waiting in their favorite place.

She waited for him and every second was like years for her.She loved him from core of her heart.She never realized someone was following her.When she went to her favorite place, she realized someone is following her but when she turned back she could not see anything.She was scared but started moving fast towards that place.
This time she heard footsteps but once she turned nothing was there.She was scared to death and started running towards that place, finally she reached there and took a deep breath.She started writing what she was feeling for her lover.

Then some force stopped her from writing and stabbed knife on her back and quickly went away.Now she wasn't scared but she wanted to write something for her lover

''waiting for you 
leaving me betrayed
wanted to live more
to wait for you

you owe me
people bowed me
force me
taught me new lessons of life

they said to forget you
to throw you away
from my thought
indeed,I waited for you

you promised to come back 
i told you not to go
you left me on my fate

a knife entered my back
i could not see that face
but i know it was you

my hands are shaking
my breath is breathing 
i will come back

i will back 
to look into your eyes 
to ask you the reason
for taking my life.''

Sam was scared to be caught by the police and went to that place in the middle of night to destroy all the proof and her dead body too.He started laughing when found a blood soaked letter and said Amy you were such a fool but I enjoyed your company.You were asking too much from me....commitment.But when he entered that place where he killed her, he couldn't see her dead body instead a girl was sitting with her face covered and sparkling red eyes.Those eyes were very innocent when alive but this time instead of tears blood was dripping through her eyes.She was silently looking into his eyes for answers.

But she never needed his answer though, he was not worth giving a chance .She came with the speed of light and hugged him so tightly that he could not breathe. She hugged him to death and still she is waiting inside and sometimes peep out of her favorite place hug or to tell her story.

Warning-enter at your own risk

disclaimer-this story is just a trigger to mystery in imagination and a piece of fiction.

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My Quotes

  1. Life is like a car ,if you take control of it, it will be under control; if you speed more than you could control ,you may meet an accident.
  2. Love is chirping sound of birds in the early morning.
  3. Old man/woman is like a child but the child is pampered and old is ignored.
  4. Faith is disagreement to doubt.
  5. Fear is winning of unwanted forces on you.
  6. Hatred affects your health and not whom you hate.
  7. Meditation connecting yourself with your breath.
  8. Competition within helps you grow but competition with your loved ones will make you fall.
  9. Smile is the easiest way of communication.
  10. Tears take out negativity through eyes may effect your eyes but writing leads to transparency in thoughts.

Feels Good On Little Appreciation

 Pratibha, your post reminds us all to be careful when handling or playing with firecrackers, if not avoiding them completely. I do hope your young relative is recovering well from the incident.

A little appreciation works like food for soul and inspire to write better.A little step everyday will cover miles of  journey towards self recognition.I am very excited to share this with my blog readers.Thanks for all your support and without your support and inspiration I would not have come this way.

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What Man Want?

    Contradictory to ‘’Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars’’, actually the fact is both are from same planet Earth and are not aliens. Keeping gender away from the pen,I am writing for men. We have been talking about the women’s exploitation, hurt, tolerance and other social issues related to women and forgot the other counter gender part. They have been victimized, misunderstood and agitated in relationships because of the lack of communication and expressions.
    Who have not heard this phrase ‘’ Behind every successful man there is a woman’’ and actually want his woman to stand behind him for all her love and support but if the same woman tries to stand in front of him and try to pull him forward then the scenario would be different and would never prefer woman to overpower his ego. He wants his woman to work backstage though he always want her to smile and want to see her happy but he actually need to peep inside what is going on in her mind and what is important for her.
    Man wants his women to listen to him, his needs and his silence, he wants her life revolving around him and even woman wants that. I am not flumping any of the gender instead , I believe that god created them this way only. Turn over the pages of history; we will come to know about the patience, tolerance, devotion of women towards her family. In return she lost her identity….Sita mata  swallowed by the earth to let her free from all the sufferings of womanhood; Sati entered in fire to prove her love and respect for Lord Shiva and Savitri pulled her husband from the mouth of death. Man wants his wife to prove herself irrespective of era.
    He wants his woman to give her all the time and love and care to him and his family without nagging and complaining him. Man usually compares his wife with his mother and wants to love his wife more than his father did to his mother. It might be a    hypothesis but based on some facts and psychological aspect that is Oedipus Complex which says that a boy loves his mother and competes with his father to get all her love.He compares his wife with his mother but the fact is mother is mother and a wife can never compete with the mother.
    Women expresses her hurt component in the form of tears, anger but men rarely trigger his tear glands to cry as ‘’men never supposed to cry’’, though he cry without tears and burst into anger and hurt others or if he tried to overpower his emotions, he would prefer to be alone and any disturbance in his that state of mind could lead to conflicts.
    Because of his inherently indued egoistic nature men rarely show their concealed soft hearted nature and  share their emotions of sorrows and weakness in front of others on contrary women expresses their heart out to the closed ones, cry for letting out her emotions and negativity and then normalize but a man carries a lot of weight on his chest and  that is the reason ,he is more prone to heart breaks and aches.
    Besides this every women must know what his man wants and vice versa to live a harmonious relationship and a balanced life. Usually conflicts arise due to sheer differences in perceptions on the individual level and often gender based but interestingly ‘’opposite attract each other’’ in real life as the magnetic forces do exist in relationship between men and women too.Often men get attracted to the beautiful looks and pleasing personalities initially but he prefers to live honestly and loyal with the one who is passionate and caring.
    So whether it men or women ACCEPT AND ADJUST philosophy works for both of them. A man wants his wife to be happy always and if he failed to do that then he feel frustrated and then vicious circle of unhappiness and frustration goes on. One really needs to work very hard to break that vicious circle. Understanding mutually could stop the debate on what man wants and what woman wants.
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    Riddle Of Perceptions

    Through the hazy eyes I looked at you,
    with a little burst of tears again I looked at you.

    You were looking with innocence in eye,
    you pretend to be unaware of what went with me.

    Everytime you want me to explain.
    every question of yours, you need to get exclaimed.

    Sometimes you are getting on my nerves;
    sometimes talking to you is like hitting my head against wall.

    Your stubborn nature make me angry,
    but looking into your innocence again drive me crazy.

    Sometime I am so helpless, sometimes authoritarian;
    but its your innocent eyes ;Oh! my child,
    which progressively changed me,
    to be a better person and a better mom.

    She Left Me Undisturbed

    ''Mom you are so don't disturb me ''
    those words were peeping in his mind repeatedly which he spoke to his mother lately ; when he saw his mother lying quietly on the floor.Why  is she so quiet now? He has taken his mother for granted and never bothered about her feelings.Always busy with work and his own world and never had thought of his mother .Thoughts in his mind created disturbances.........

    She died.She left me undisturbed;
    guilt beneath,
    disturb me all the more.
    I could feel her presence,
    even if she is not anymore.
    She left me insecure,
    penalized me for not caring enough.
    I was so busy, couldn't felt her aching heart;
    her concerns for me,
    thinking and providing comfort
    to a non deserving son.
    A mother who created me,
    slept unconcerned.
    Mom give me another chance;
    you are the one to whom I belonged,
    give me a reason to live ;
    to live for you,
    to wash off my guilt,
    to make you a proud and happy mom.

    Please come back..............

    You have one life .....and that life is given by your Mom.
    Don't wait for another might be the first and the last chance.
    Value her the most as she is next to God.

    Self Made QUOTES

    I tried to write few quotes and need feedback for the same.I always appreciate honest comments.
    Here are my quotes:

    1) Life- Life is like a bubble emerge,merge and collapse.

    2) Relationship- Relationship is like an earthen lamp lit;  till you oil it.

    3)Inspiration-  Anything can inspire; if you have a zeal to be inspired.

    4)Freedom-   Freedom is the best reason to celebrate.

    5)Love-  Love is like a flower,even leave fragrance in the hands of those who vanish it.

    6)Home-   Life in four walled structure.

    7)Prayer-   When mind and heart completely connect to god.

    8)Childhood-   Innocent eyes wondering world.

    9)Teenage-    Sandwich between childhood and adulthood.

    10)Character-   A quality that never cross fine lines.

    Don't Kill Me-Voice Against Female Foeticide

    13 Weeks Scan

    Mom,don't kill me;
    for the reason I am a girl.

    Mom ,don't punish me;
    I will not bother you much.
    I won't disturb you;
    cuddle quietly in your womb.

    Mom,I will help you,
    spare my life.
    Mom ,how can you kill me?
     I am within you.

    Mom ,who is bothering you?
    me or those who are influencing you,
    to kill me.

    Mom,am I not your part?
    I belong to you;
    I am your blood.

    Mom,please don't disconnect
    umbilical cord between you and me;
    before I could see the real world.

    Mom,please give me a chance;
    to come out and prove myself.

    Mom,save me for yourself,
    preserve womanhood;
    to which you belong.

    Mom,your mom gave your birth;
    Why are you disowning me?

    Mom,save me before its too late;
    it will be you who will decide my fate.

    Mysterious Thoughts

    Mind have been  always occupied with thoughts and blogging twitched me to write more irrespective of my busy schedule.Some constant driving force push me to write my mind out but sometimes my hands don't show cooperative coordination with the state of mind.When I try to express myself some hindrances pull me back and not allowing me to write 100% of me.Blogging is an attempt to be transparent with my own self.I am sharing this to get feedback on what other feels about it.
    Writers block have been impinged  me several times with all its strength but sometimes I win over it.This battle of thought have turned mysteriously most of the time and the solution is yet to find.

    Someone you love

    Someone you love....

    When you think about someone,
    when someone dares to come in your dream.
    Its love.

    When someone pamper you the most;
    aches your heart,
    wipe off your tears.
    Its love.

    When you can feel someone's presence;
    even in absence.
    Its love

    When someone perceive your silence; 
    more than your words.
    its love

    when you smile without a reason
    glare the horizon
    Its love.

    when someone look into your eyes;
    take your breath.
    its love.

    When someone search you everywhere;
    even when chances are rare.
    Its love.

    Waiting for someone you love;
    moments becomes hours and days becomes years.
    Its love.

    When holding  pen to write something;
    end-up writing about someone .
    its love.


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    We wait for this season of festivals and celebrations one whole year.Diwali is one such festival of year which certainly change the look of our houses,this is the time people want to paint their houses with a color of hope ,happiness and prosperity and plan renovation of houses,offices....for the reason of diwali and its very shubh to do all that and for the aagman of laxmi mata.When we look upon the dressed houses wearing different lights in different style..ah! how could I forgot to mention those lazer lights which my neighbour used.More than artificial light I like diyas and to me its very inspiring.Here are a few lines :

    Diwali is the festival engaging all five senses:
    1) Eyes-beautiful decoration,dazzling shimmering lights,crackers emitting differt colored sparkling lights fill the    night with more artificially created starry component.
    2) Nose-fragrance of flowers,fumes of delicious recipes
    3) Mouth-mouth watering sweets,different flavors of traditional food favorite of tongue
    4) Ear-aartis,chants on diwali,shankh,the holy bell we use in poojas
    5) Touch-the wishes,hugs we exchange on diwali pull out negativity from us

    What about sixth sense?To wake up the sleeping sixth sense I have one very recent incidence to share with a message.
    My one very close relative,who is very dear to me,very sweet and charming boy who had entered teenage just a few months earlier,a boy so obedient and very well mannered,a son whom every parent would proud of .His father gave him a new mobile as Diwali gift and he was so excited to show it to his friends who were engaged in igniting crackers with all their innovative ideas.They showed him their new invention and fun in putting cracker in pipe.They told him that they ignited it a few minutes back but it did not burst anyhow.My innocent cousin went close to that evil pipe and peep inside to see why its not working, but the moment he went very close to it,it bursted horribly and took away the flawless skin ,happiness for this Diwali....his mother was nearby but couldn't stopped it as when she reached , her pearl of eyes turned black .His face looked smoky, for a mother its very difficult to tolerate but sometimes you have no other choice than to act with all your senses and powered by crisis with a gush of adrenaline in your blood.She called relatives for help as she was all alone but the neighbours were the first one to help and then they rushed to nearby hospital to seek immediate treatment.They washed his face several times to actually see his face and the extent of damage to the skin and the eyes which were most affected.In the meantime relatives reached that place and they called the known Opthalmologist for the eyes and thank god! he said eyes are safe but need to put lot of medicines as the skin over eyes was burnt, the forehead was also burnt badly.Today when I saw his face ,his face before the burn was waving around my thought .I tried hard to look on his face and poor eyes which were oedematous [ fluid filled] and swelling was so much that he couldn't open his eyes and all the eyelashes were itching into his eyes.God! what the hell crackers are for?

    I am writing this as I couldn't sleep without pouring it out.I am so stressed out with all this.His mother was moving restlessly in hospital ,his father wearing gloves to provide comfort to the child and save him from further infections.If god gives the pain ,he gives the strength also.

    Whom do you [the people who throw thousands and  flaunt in front of others that we spent that much amount on crackers] think  dupe a)Yourself   b) People   c) Laxmi Mata .
    a) If yourself- then you are a fool as it will suffocate you in night as you polluted air like hell
    b) If people-those who have very short memory and will never appreciate you.
    c) Laxmi Mata-I don't think she will come this way.She will never enter the suffocating ambiance created by you and the noise pollution with sudden scary explosion of crackers kill the pleasure of arti,shankh,holy bell.

    If such people have real money and if they want to celebrate Diwali to please yourself,the people and the Laxmi Mata then donate the amount you wanted to spend on crackers so that somebody else could celebrate Diwali too and that happiness will make you happy and satisfy your soul and Laxmi Mata will shower her blessings too.


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    I wish I could have 3G phone which is fire of today’s generation .Ten years back, a girl whom I saw or just had a glance on her beauty ; I regretted I had no camera , no such mobile to capture her sparking beauty. Just a moment later, she lost in crowd. I tried to forget her sparkling, glittering eyes and million worth smile but all in vain. More I tried to forgot her, the more she disturbed my peace of mind, my sleep…..I was a changed person by then .I could never forgot those chasing eyes.

    Years passed by and with every passing years my urge to get my love increased .I believed that if I loved her completely then anyhow I will get her love.

    Life gave me another chance , after waiting for five years ; once again her eyes encountered mine but this time I did not want to lose her .She was going through escalator and I was running after her as I could. I never ran that fast as it was more than emergency to me .I could not let her go right in front of my eyes .I jumped through the escalator, I got hurt badly ……my knees were bleeding and I couldn’t felt that as I felt something else at that time but somehow once I touched her hand , I  hold it so tightly that she could ,I believe, feel gush of love flowing through my eyes .The warmth of my hands melted her heart. Without losing a moment, I said…

    ‘’through your eyes my love
    I succumbed
    A glance on your face
    Seized me five years
    Forgot the world including myself
    For my heart dwells in you ‘’

    She said nothing but I could see tears around the corners of her beautiful eyes made it even more beautiful .This time I said those three words which have been  rejuvenating with time, this time I heard her unspoken words and her silent approval through her fumbled lips.

    Today those sparking eyes are with me as she is my beloved wife and I am a father of a beautiful girl who is Xerox of my wife and now my house is enlighted with the beauty and happiness. Last weekend I went to the shopping mall with my happy family, their I saw 3 G PHONE and realized how it fastened life and saves time.
    My five year waiting period would have decreased if I had have that mobile which I would have used to click my beloved whom when I saw for the first time. I could have searched her with her picture in my mobile. But now I want to catch hold of happiness in my fist. Now without waiting further I will click my child’s every moment, every trick,,,,,,,,, every  word she speaks and how can I forget my wife …my life. Now I am very close to my dream and have a dream in my pocket.
    ''3G  - Power to keep dream in my pocket''

    3gdocomo 3G  Transforming life

    My First Experience

    "This post is written for BLOGESHWAR (link to the facebook page) and Anubhooti (link to

    Some incidences you can never forget in life.One of the incidence I could relate to humor took me back to 3rd year in dental college.
    In 3rd year,we got opportunity to work on patient,with our bestest of knowledge and skills.My first posting was in oral surgery where we supposed to extract [remove] the tooth and do minor surgeries.We were allotted patients according to our roll numbers .We were so excited but nervous too for performing our skills on patients.Finally the day arrived and it was my turn to extract the tooth of an old aged patient.the tooth was very mobile but the patient was very apprehensive but I was wearing a confident mask.The best part was he didn't knew either English or Hindi.So it was a kind of weird to interact when you really need it.Their were nurses to translate but because of number of patients in OPD couldn't help me.I was observing his expressions and he was observing mine too then I told him to take deep breath by demonstrating him .Then  I checked b.p and monitored vital sign.After initial examination I anesthetized him with local anaesthesia and asked the symptoms for numbness.Since he was my patient and this was the regimen we all were following but the patient was very impatient.When I applied the forcep on tooth and tried to knock out the tooth at the same time patient suddenly moved his head in the opposite direction and since the tooth was very mobile it came out without much effort.I managed to laugh without showing it to the patient as I was wearing mask and the patient was very happy with the painless and effortless extraction of his tooth.

    Since it was the first experience with patient I can never forget and whenever I discuss it,it makes me laugh.

    Goodbye To Breast Cancer

    Here I am writing what I feel about the breast cancer and in generating awareness amongst women I want to make an effort on subconscious mind.I am not writing any story but my post is based on my perceptions for breast cancer victims.

    Yesterday breast cancer said to the victim [those who quit ]
    I am breast cancer,
    I slowly progress in your body.

    I hire your body'
    make it tired;
    deprive you from your stamina.

    I am the breast cancer,
    challenge you progressively.

    I entered your body without your consent.
    I become nodule to harass you psychologically.

    Tomorrow I will become a lump,
    will take out your strength from you.

    You ignored me
    and then one day;
    I put all my claws on you,
    tried to engulf you.

    You believed in ignorance is bliss;
    you hide me with your dressing sense.

    I demeaned you to death
    you quit and I won.

    Today breast cancer said to the victim [with fighting spirit]

    I am breast cancer.
    I entered in your body without your consent.

    You listened to your body and underwent a few tests.
    You are too aware to be threatened;
    you stopped me then and there.
    I admit ,I quit and you won.

    Why breast cancer would wanted to quit ? Its because you surrender yourselves to the fate and to the disease.If you want you can increase lifeline on your palm; all you need is will power.Don't hug the evil breast cancer and just cover it with clothing but examine yourself and got examined by doctor and worth yourself by following strict regimen given by your doctor. Be a winner and kick out this cancer out of your body.Lets say goodbye to the breast cancer.

    Phone Poetry

    pHoNeS aRe ReAlLy SmArT

    Phone today is fashion icon,
    accessorize your epitome..

    To me my phone is a boon;
    wake me up by its bleeping tone.

    Irritate me in my lazy sleeps,
    but need to be praised;
    by not letting me in getting late.

    It helps me reminding birthdays and important days
    and save me from amnesic tags.

    It rejuvenate my thirsty soul,
    by playing various music and ringtones.
    Blue tooth allow to sooth my soul

    Dialing numbers by mere touch,
    help in surfing my search.
    Keeping  in touch with my friends,
    which was not possible as such.

    My camera is jealous of my phone;
    crying in cupboard and waiting for its turn.

    To me my phone is my best friend,
    I know it has become one trend.

    Good Over Bad

    Bad Fashion DayS.........

    gosh! those were the days when I joined the college and college meant to me was a platform to show your fashion statements like typical movies.With that sort of stuff in my mind I stepped in  the I am sharing my experiences of bad fashion days.

    Famous - By Payal Kapoor

    Memories took me back to the day when I joined the college. Since I was aware of horrors of ragging in medical colleges still I dared to step in, as a dream to be a doctor hijacked my mind and had just a dream in my glittering eyes .The very first day in hostel we were told to wear tricolor suits means suit, salwar and duppatas in all mismatched color to make us look weird, I believe senior hostel girl were little insecure about their boyfriends or crush whatever and to add miserabilities on our face they ordered us [the freshies ] to dip hair in hair oil and with that look they used to call us behenji though I was reluctant to use hair oils but I had no choice other than following their filthy orders .The next day I washed my hair to get rid of awful oiled look ,before it got dried I did not felt like oiled them so soon ,that time senior hostel girls gave me a hostile look as if I had committed any crime. Poor me they vomited bad words and said- what do you think of yourself youuuuuu freshie ? Don’t try to be smart ?we are smarter than you and know that you freshies wants to look good to impress boy .Poor me ,alone gasped those tears of mine.
    I was literally scared of seniors and their bitter mouths .Some were good also they just used us to entertain them by dancing and singing so that they could study late night as they were in final years. One funny incidence I could never forget is that one of the senior gave me a task to knock the doors of hostelites and ask them whether they have boyfriend or not and if she have then how many? Some reacted weirdly, a few said come to my room and I will give some work. A few laughed over it and took it lightly. So I got mixed type responses but aftermath of this was not that good as I was told to make their practical file from start to finish. A few seniors used me as alarm clock ,that was my weakest point though but got punished if I could wake them up on time.

    During those days I got an ankle sprain and since I was new to the college hardly anybody helped me as my batch mates  were new too to the college and scared to death from the seniors.
    I used to cry alone but when I couldn’t control the pain I decided to go home during Diwali festival. Me and other three girls were going via train and we were 48 hrs far from our homes. We thought now we are free birds but then seniors who were going on Diwali time recognized us with tri-color suits and oiled hairs. We boarded the train in the night but when we got up in the morning we saw seniors were looking at us ,they were nice to us and said hello we are from this batch and asked us to give a brief intro and about hobbies. At that time we did not realize why they asked for hobbies but later on when they said since music is  your hobby you must be knowing peppy songs too so sing for us .Then they told that think you as if you are  participating in contest and then we will give you ranks accordingly. They make us accompany  beggars by singing ‘’tum to there pardesi saath kya nibhage subah pehli gadi se ghar to laut jaoge ‘’and then eunuch came and started complimenting us as Madhubala ,Shreedevi ,Madhuri,…….and started their performances. Actually this was happening with me for the first time so sometimes I felt like laughing but sometimes awkward. During ragging period I realized how to kill ego which was dancing on my head as I entered the medical college and thought that now I am something but that feeling faded away with ragging.
    On a happy note those seniors who ragged us became so protective and helpful. They actually helped us .So we must encourage healthy ragging and the purpose must to be acquainted with
    senior to build a healthy relationship and not to humiliate and kill the thrill of freshies.

    p....l...z help

    An incidence involving friend tata DOCOMO

    That day me and my friends returned from the restoraunt and had a great blasting party after the semester exams and it was my friend Shaina who paid the bill and said flauntingly this one was from me.A fine dinner with friends after the horror provoking sleepless night during semester exams was completely come back to our own selves and this was not our response but after every semester scenario would be the same.Once I entered my hostel room after gossiping with my friends,I received a missed call as I was lost that time,again it ranged and this time I picked the phone,my tata DOCOMO one touch net phone I loved it,I didn't noticed but it was unknown no.which was not stored in my phone.I heard tired ,stammered,ghastly voice and that shook me to shock......the one who called me asked for mercy and said't kill me...I don't know where am I ?I don't know who am i? plz help..p....l....z and then got it got disconnected.I got terribly paniced.Somehow I retained my senses and thought about the urgency to call back that girl who was scared to death and asked me for help.I called that phone no. but it further added panic as that number did not exist.I was clueless how to help that girl as I could not thought to sleep with those deafening words for help in my mind [p....l....z],it sounded as if somebody had killed her or tried to kill her.Oh god what to do? I had never experienced anything close to it,its horrible than exams could be.I could feel how hell could be ?Should I call the police or should I inform my friends ?may be they could help me.finally i decided to tell the whole matter to shaina as she was a girl with detective instinct and read a lot about such stuffs so I told her everything that happened when i entered my room.She couldn't stop laughing when she saw my face in agony and fear was dropping from face and I was wearing shock on my face.but i screamed at her for her cruel expressions and a filthy smile on miseries.I told her that at any cost I am going to help that girl and now i am going to call the police.I saw fear on her face this time and then she apologized to me for all the sufferings.then she insert sim card in her brand new tata DOCOMO ONE TOUCH NET PHONE... and dial a number and suddenly I realized my phone started ringing.I could hear that same words which created all the scene and it was nonetheless from anybody else but it was my friend shiana who pranked with her new number and then mentioned the reason why she paid the bill for the dinner.She said-you silly girl ,it was my first dialled number and that dinner was my treat and now go to sleep but tomorrow I will gossip around about this with all our friends.

    Reflections Of Childhood Memories

    Breathing in air of Common Wealth Games and Blogadda's topic for the Contest revived the old refreshing moments which I forgot for quite sometime and lost in monotonous routine.Thinking about those days of freedom to live,play,act with innovative ideas.those days were the days which I know will never come back in my life.Now before going into the past ,I need to close my eyes to really come up with my childhood memories as if it was stored in an old treasure box which has been covered with the dust .

    After opening that imaginary treasure box with my closed eyes I found myself as 5-6 year old girl in my old house where I used to play with my brother and sister.We used to play on terrace and that game we tried to play together was nonetheless cricket ,we were too small to play games with rules and so one who ruled the game all the time and throw temper tantrums was my younger brother.So it was him who always wanted , us to play as batsman and poor me and my sis were balling and fielding most of the time.Younger brother/sister always take such advantages over the elder ones,but since my both parents were working so I had enough opportunity to fight with my brother and he was not lesser than me in fact he knew little bit judo karate and he used to practice that on me[innocent me].He used to pull my hairs with all his strength I know it was not judo karate.All I knew to fight with all my spirit and my strength.When my parents have had reached home ,we would  caught in cwg wrestling position and then we tried to defend ourselves.

    Oh! I have gone far away from the sports which I used to play and that was cricket.So whenever it came to bating,history repeated itself but he was really a great batsman and since we were small so way to go for six was to cross the neighbour's wall.I don't know why neighbour's have been repulsive to cricket,what if we broke their wndow panes,what if we jumped from their walls ;we were too small to be scolded for small things.Somehow we manged to get our balls back and since my brother made most of sixers we used to  force him to get our ball back from neighbour's territory.

    When my brother had grown a  little,my brother felt and treated us like a peanut player and then he started playing with the friends of his age in the park.Since he did  not took any interest in playing with me ,I had found ways to cope up my frustrations by  complaining to  my father after all I have been Papa's favorite.

    Then my interest changed with time I  started playing with dolls,teddies,learned to express myself through colours and did all the girlish stuffs.
    Yes one sports that I can mention is basket ball.I took part at school level and that was fun.

    But I really miss those times,those fights with my siblings.Now I am a mother of two little kids and I love the way they fight with each other with full fighting spirit.I love the way they try different games,always explore things differently but despite the fights they can't live without each other.Today if I watch cricket I watch it for finding my brother in Sachin Tendulkar and refreshing those memories which were dusted.At the moment I like to thank blogadda ,as a channel to divert my attention towards forgotten me and my childhood memories and now I feel rejuvenated.Here are few lines on REFLECTIONS of my childhood memories:

    Those were the times,
    we played together,
    jumping like monkeys,
    crawling on floor like reptiles,
    imitated most of the animals.

    We played different games all the times,
    thrilled with spirit of sportsman ship.
    Unaware of limits;
    never bothered about the stained clothes,
    painted our own world,
    dared to dream the horrors of monsters.
    Flied away by beautiful fairies,
    fulfilled almost every dream with magic wand.
    Sometimes called Aladin's ginnie,
    within the wonderland.

    When pulled by years,
    had own point of view.
    So played a little mature games;
    cricket,basket ball,football...
    kicked everything like a ball.

    oh!.........wait kids I am coming and don't fight like this as I feel you may need a refree too.

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    online at
    and visit the largest community of Indian

    Tomorrow It Will Be You

    The story woven around My FRIEND...MY LIFE..MY PHONE

    Its a story started with a phone call on my mobile phone which I recieved from my best friend .When I attended her call ,She sounded sad and I could hear pain in her voice.She told me that her grandmother had been sent to old age home in her absence and she was told that her grandmother went to hers sister's home.But she overheard her parent's conversation about how tactfully they sent her grandmother out of their home.She told me how ashamed she feel of her parents and I am the one whom she can trust and discuss .Then she asked me to  come along with her to oldage home and she told me to grab food for her.Next morning we went to that miserable place.When she was searching for her grandmother I was wondering how could  a son do like this to her mother.

    Then an old lady caught my attention who was  sitting quietly in the corner ,very different from others ,with series of sad stories in her wrinkled sad eyes. When, I tried to approach her, she shrieked further ,folded her limbs to show her fears through her body language. Her gestures surprised me if she has been rotted mercilessly in the hands of life. I am not a quitter so could not stopped by her unwelcoming gestures .Perhaps she was begging for privacy but I could not help her pushing towards her in the deep valley of depression. 

    I  took deep breath to destress myself first and quickly reached where she was shrinking further. I sat with  my hand over her shoulder to make her little comfortable ;at that time I was missing my daadi .I could not help myself and instead of consoling her which was my ulterior motive, I cried ,she kept her hand on my shoulder and said ''beta kya hua kyu ro rahi hon,mujhe batao''.I told your presence reminded me how deeply I loved my daadi who raised me ,played with me ,nurtured me when I was small and never gave me opportunity to be looked after and died ,so I am sitting here to satisfy my conscious for not doing anything for my dadi
    That kind old lady smiled and tears were flooding through her shrinked, crumpled eyes and she said you are not aware of what have you given to your dadi and that’s what we old people want , to be loved like this.Look at me I was thrown thanklessly in oldage home by my own blood .I nurtured them through milk,sweat,tears,hard work,blood…..exploited emotionally throughout my life.They leached the last drop of my blood and when I need help them they throwed like an old newspaper .Your daadi was lucky that she was in a family where her granddaughter is crying in my pain .Then she said beta this is kaliyug ,value yourself ,in whichever role you are/will be, don’t forget that you worth life to live happily. Don’t provide your blood to be sucked by leaches and be strong emotionally and crying like this may push you where I am sitting today.
    I shared my life and its lessons with you, now I think I can die peacefully ……she took her last breath and fell into my lap.I couldn't move her but watching her expressionless face,unresponsive body then my friend came and looked at that old woman's body and started crying bitterly.I could not correlate her emotions but after few minutes realized that search of my friend ended here and 
    I tried to console her with my body language as I couldn't speak a word to console her.

    Sometimes we are helpless in this sinful world but a little step can take you ahead and help you in becoming better human being.With this thought me and my friend thought to send a quote to those mobile holder whom we knew that they are not good to their parents and the first SMS we send to my best friend 's parent and the quote was :

    ''Today,if your parents are suffering because of you;
        then, tomorrow it will be you''.                                          

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    Oh! I am so relaxed now.
    Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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