Love or Dove

I will not say that my hair are damn beautiful
but they are just mine
and reflect me
that is the reason
why I love them

I might not have given the time to them
but now I feel like nourishing them
flourish them
let them speak my personailty

I don't know the reason of that change yet
but may be my thought process is evolving

I was careless with them
not because I don't love them
but because I like this only
but now I feel like to care for them
because I have started loving myself

If I am in love with myself
I would love my outer appearence too
I don't want to add layers on my face to look beautiful
let my skin feel the breeze
I don't want to apply gels on my hair to look cool
but love to oil them with dove
and wash them gently

I would like them to flow with the wind
let the water droplets on my face relax my mind too
let them shine in the bright light

now I can feel, I can say
i am loving my hairs and they are loving me back

My hairs adds different shades in my life
lifting those hairs which were disturbing my vision so gently
makes me feel, love is in the air

Well, who knows it is dove or love.........


an institution to learn
which you never learnt in any school or college
gradually you learn and change
either you like it or not
but you are a changed person

a roller coaster ride of emotions
sometime up, sometime upside down
you may fall if you loose balance
its a deal that needs patience

it starts with a big bang
and later it bang your head
it takes time to settle high tides
may question you the reason to get married
married to this person whom you think have changed completely
what changed him
the time?
or the bonding you share?
love is loasing its charm
or climbing the next level of maturity...

who knows
probably the second one
is this a way, to go to the next level
at times, you feel you are on the top of world
and the next time you feel humiliated
to be within..

is a life changing thing

zOr ka jhatka hai zoro se laga
shaadi bann gayi umar kaiod ki saza

the married people would laugh
as they don't know how to react
but indeed its a zor ka jhatka

Anna, who are you?

Anna,which power is holding you
when a single day fast exhaust us
you are still the portrayal of enthusiasm
at your age, people get retired not only from their work
but they try to escape from their responsibilities
they want to be in their comfort zone
but Anna you are so different
from where you are getting such energy
you have created the history
you have started a movement
you have courage to bring revolution
you are a fashion icon for the youth
you are the nation's hero
people wants to have your soul
a soul that is whiter thanhis clothes
Anna, salute to you!
your lifestyle and the way you live your life
you have shown a new path
of immense satisfaction in sacrifices

when the people get irritated with the traffic jams
they would scream, if their clothes get dirty
but you have changed them
nobody is bothered, what they are wearing...
where they are
and how they are
all they want is the path that leads to you
they follow you because
you are one who guides them in a right direction
when the trend had changed
people were becoming selfish
you came with our flag in your hand
and changed the whole perspective of people

Anna, who are you?
what holds you to be like this
please Anna
tell us who are you?

मैं हूँ अन्ना

मैं हूँ अन्ना
मैं  रहूँ ना रहूँ
क्रान्ति की ये मशाल
युही जलती रहनी चाहिए
ये पंक्तियाँ प्रेरित कार्ति हैं
हर उस व्यक्ति को जो भारतीय हैं
ये गूंज, ये नारे युही चलते रहने चाहिए
ये हैं ऊर्जा के शोत्र
मेरे लिए
कोन हूँ मैं
ये सब जानते हैं
बच्चे बच्चे की ज़ुबा पर हैं मेरा नाम
मैं हूँ अन्ना
वो हर इन्सान अन्ना हैं
जिसमे अन्ना के विचार हैं
पर वो एक हि अन्ना हैं
जिसने उठाई हैं मशाल
एक ऐसी सोच दी हैं
आजादी क नया अर्थ
आजादी की लडाई भ्रष्टाचार से
भ्रष्टाचार के शिकंजे से
लोगों को बचाने की कोशिश
ये शिकंजा जो कस्ट ज रहा था लोगों को
अब लोकपाल बिल इस शिकंजे से मुक्त करेगा लोगों को
मैं हूँ अन्ना
और येही मेरा लक्ष्य हैं
क्रान्ति की ये मशाल यूहि जलती रहनी चाहिए

मैं रहूँ ना रहूँ..................

Poem On Raksha Bandhan

राखी  की डोर छोटी सी है
मगर इस  बंधन की किस्मत छोटी नहीं

मीलों दूर हैं भाई
सूनी हैं उसकी कलाई
ये सोचकर बहिन की आँखें भर आई  
भेजी है दिल से राखी
उमीदों दूआओ  में लिपटी राखी
हर ख़ुशी उसे मिले
हर ख्वाहिश हो उसकी पूरी
येही गुज़ारिश हैं भगवान् से

बस यही मांगता हैं दिल हर वक़्त
गर रही भगवान् की इनायत
तो हर ख्वाहिश पूरी होगी

Love Quote

You love me but you hardly know me
I love you but I hardly know you
Probably it's because love is blind.

An Unanswered Call

A call unattended
for years
wants answer
but I have been putting earplugs
if I will listen to the call
conflicts will arise
till the time I am sacrificing myself
everyone is happy
but once i will listen to that unanswered call
it will force me to think on mr
which has taken a backseat

sitting on backseat, itching me now
wants to be myself for a change
inside that sweet nature
layered an ambitious person
who dumped herself in a deep trench
which she wants to dig now
to allow that lost ''me'' to come out
forgot how it feel to be yourself
but want to meet myself

Attend your own call
before losing the connection within
still their is time 
you worth it, REALLY!

The Journey

"This Poem has been written for BLOGJUNTA NaPoWriMo"

Yesterday night I had a dream
a dream that was sweet enough to make me smile
a journey from earth to moon
not via jet but via my winged bicycle
weird but sweet
riding on a path of flowers
clouds curtained the side ways
entered through the rainbow
mesmerized in that atmosphere
someone was sitting on moon
gave me hand and hold it delicately
we both were holding hands
and flying against newton's law
we were sailing in the air with our own laws and desires
no frictional force of wind could move us apart
a journey of love to fall in love
to a person who was stranger yet so familiar
romantic breeze was disturbing my tresses
his glance on my face made me blush
love was flowing in the veins
a silent music of love
was connecting us
white floor of clouds without any roof
no walls but an open place to take a deep breath
everything so relaxing
enchanting my soul
I wish this journey would continue throughout life
I don't want to open my eyes
I want to be in that state of dream
but my stupid alarm clock snoozed
disturbed the silent music
things disappeared in a while
opened my eyes and realized
it was a dream, a sweet dream indeed.

Skipped Childhood

Many a times, we are captious by nature and find excuses to blame something or someone. How many times do we actually act? Sometimes Yes, Mostly No! Because most of us are just Too Busy To Care. At times, we might follow the issue, but fail to act on it. Many of us want to do something for society but are unable to take out time. We feel, we reflect, we want to contribute, to act but something comes in the way. We feel inspired, moved and also guilty for not doing that something, anything. Most of the time, that inspiration loses its way in our packed, no-time-to-think, no-space-to-breathe, BUSY schedules.

am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and are helping me do my bit for the society.

I am sharing what 'I Saw and I Learnt' at in association with

Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.
-- Grace Abbott

We are too busy in our own world to look into those innocent eyes who work in dhabas, stores, ironing your clothes, they are all around and they are carrying burden on their shoulders to earn for their family  or god knows,for whom they have been exploited.We all are aware of this fact but never put  kind thoughts into action and I am not an exception , the one amongst you; was  suffering from TBTC [Too Busy To Care ] syndrome . A few months back, a child, whom my neighbor claimed to be of 15 year old was working for her family.They were using him, his childhood by occupying his time in household chores, he was working day and night just for food or may be for leftovers.I felt bad for him and asked my neighbor about his age then she said he looks younger than his age, I was skeptical about that but I was too busy to go further into the detail. One day my cousin came and saw him working so hard then he decided to file complaint against child labor  and teach my neighbors a lesson.The next day concerned people from child labor department came and sent that child to his native place, penalize them for such an iniquitous act. I was happy but I could be happier if I would have done this yet my cousin felt great of his doing and so I felt for him.
I got the lesson of life that one should take an action, one needs to go to an extra mile to transform the thought process into action.

Childhood is a stage
to rejoice,play,learn ,explore 
to draw beyond boundaries
to observe like a scientist
talk like an inquisitive mind
dream the fairy tale
color their vivid imagination

suddenly he got up from sleep
which was sweet indeed
but reality is something else
he skipped his days of childhood
he was forced to work
he worked and worked
never had a chance to speak his mind
he was named ''chotu''

for people's convenience
none had time to ask his name
people are too busy
to get their work done
to busy to give a thought
that he is a child
probably younger than their own child
just getting their work
for minimal wages
but at the expense of childhood
which is the age to play,learn and grow
but they remain chotu throughout their lives
and die with this name

Who is responsible for this?
We, who think but not act.

Where to complain if one comes across any incidence of Child Labour

 1. Police Station
Lodge a complaint at the nearest Police Station
Link to all Police Stations all over India:

2. Labour Commissioner of the concerned State
For contact details of State Government Labour Departments, see

3. Prathan Helpline for Child Labour
Call 022 -  65134884 or email to
(Rescue helpline for Mumbai & Maharashtra)            
 For more details, visit

A toll free 24-hour telephone help line 1098 for children in distress can be accessed in 72 cities of the country.
CACL Central Secretariat: C/o- PECUC, VIII-H-26, Sailashree Vihar ,Bhubaneswar - 21, Orissa, India., Tel: 0674 - 2740178 Fax : 0674 - 2740432
This helpline, easily remembered in Hindi as “Dus, Nau, Aath”,  is presently working in the following 72 cities:
Agartala, Aurangabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Kanchipuram, Kozhikode, Nadia, Pune, South 24 Paraganas, Varanasi, Shimla, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kanyakumari, Kutch, Nagapattinam, Puri, Thiruvananthapuram, Vijayawada, Ludhiana, Ahmednagar, Baroda, Cuddalore, Imphal, Karaikal, Lucknow, Nagpur, Rourkela, Thirunelveli, Vishakhapatnam, Akola, Bhopal, Delhi, Indore, Kochi, Mangalore, Nasik, Ranchi, Thrissur, Waynad, Allahabad, Bhubaneshwar, East Midanapore Jammu, Kolkata, Madurai, New Jalpaiguri, Salem, Tiruchirapalli, West Midnapore, Alwar, Chandigarh, Goa, Jaipur, Kollam, Mumbai, Patna, Shillong, Udaipur, Agra, Amarawati, Cuddalore, Gorakhpur, Kalyan, Kota, Murshidabad Port Blair, Sholapur, Ujjain and Gurgaon.
Know more about help line 
or See


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The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” -William James


I wish I could change the system
everybody thinks like that
when it actually needs the action
we withdraw
When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Victor Frankl

change can happen
by awakening souls
by thinking same thought
over and over again
by all, who wants to change
change needs a strong step to put forward
infedility to own self
if you can't stand that change
you feel strongly about

the change is required
change required for those innocent kids
who either beg on traffic signal
or used by people for their selfish motives
change is required to worth a human being
exploiting people for minimal wages

change is required
to prove that we are not cattle class

change is required
to put those boards down
which says
''dog and indians are not allowed''

change is required
to live life with self respect and respect for country
to which we belong
respect those who are sharing same land
respect every human being irrespective of caste, creed,region,religion...
respect who we are

Prove it by action
Let the world know
that we have changed
Revolution begins with a thought
so share this thought
and believe that we need a

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Commitment to Life

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Miracles do happens and it had happened in my life too. I am from doctor’s family and I am not an exception to it. My father and mother both are doctor and they have been my inspiration, had sowed the seed to be a doctor in me. Medicine is in our blood; I mean the science and do not go by the literal meaning.

I was too small to remember those times but could never forget those flashes of memories, deep seated in my mind. What age I was? I cannot say but how could I forget my father’s face with butterfly rashes , unexplained fever, body ache, joint pain, and his sufferings, which he never expressed but felt. He had been taken to the one of the best hospitals for the treatment but those qualified doctors could not diagnose the problem he had. He had admitted to the well-known hospitals but they failed to understand the disease. My mother was the only strength and we were the only source of inspiration to him. In the day, my mother used to work in the clinic and in the night, she used to stay in the hospital to look after my father. It had been a tough time or I can say testing time.

A few so-called doctors declared that he would not survive and he is suffering from SLE[Systemic Lupus Erythromatoses],SLE is a complex disorder affecting a predominantly young population and shares similarities with HIV infection as regards the propensity for multiple organ involvement, potentially life-threatening episodes, and need for sophisticated monitoring. SLE is an autoimmune disease , a collagen disease which was controlling my father’s body and it had affected kidney, heart, liver, spleen ….. He had heart attack a couple of times. My mother used to cry alone but never affected us instead showered her unconditional love. She was determined and never quit.Our relatives never supported us in those times though my parent helped them in their worst times.

Doctors declared that his condition is critical, but my parents were ready to face anything and have full faith in god. My father wanted to live for his wife and children but he had a weak body yet a strong mind. He had been on  heavy dose of steroids, he had been taking those medicines for years and even today, he is on maintenance dose. He along with the medicines took Ayurvedic medicine to build immunity against diseases, started yoga; he really had worked hard to live healthy life. My mother helped him in recovering and she is Sati of modern era for me.

One incidence still pondering in my mind, when I was small and my father was suffering from that disease. Because of heavy dose of steroids, he used to get often irritated and angry so he asked me to bring a glass of water for him. I was too busy in playing with my doll and I did not listen to him, that made him angry and suddenly had a tight slap on my face. I was too sensitive, even raising voice and change in tone was enough to make me cry. I went in the corner and started sobbing as Papa always considered me apple of his eyes and I thought that how could he hit me when he loves me so much…….he hit me that means he does not love me anymore. I was weaving these thoughts in my mind; my father had been watching my expressions and absorbed what I was going through. It brought tears in his eyes and he came to me, sat on the floor to accompany me. He said ''beta I am sorry'' and he started weeping for his helplessness; it was the moment I felt ashamed of myself and thought that I am responsible for bringing tears in his eyes, how could I thought like that. I wiped away his tears and gave him a tight hug.This hate poem will show how much I hated that fatal disease called SLE.

SLE….I hate you

For making my father sick

I wanted to sit on my father’s shoulder

But you gave him joint pain

I wanted to play with him in park

But you gave him photosensitivity

I wanted to share my emotional things with him

But you made him emotional than me

You have taken his years

And all you gave him…

The suffering

Of body and mind

You affected his all organs

Used his body

Without his permission

You never knocked the door

Entered whenever we tried to smile

You have taken our smiles

Our hopes


Its enough

We will not entertain you anymore

My father is strong enough to give you a hard kick.

We together, the family will throw you out

Hate you for taking our family time

Just go to hell SLE

Life had taught us tough lessons when we were too innocent for that. Thanks to God that time took a turn and my father recovered from that disease.A miracle by god's grace and my belief in god became stronger hence forth.

Despite his health conditions, he provided us the platform to show our talents. He encouraged us to strive for excellence; he inspired us to be better a person. He inculcate the positive vibes in us, he never knew the word impossible and told us the same. With god’s grace, he is with us and inspiring us, the way he did in the past. He is the best human being, father, husband…..and the best doctor who gives time to his patient and treats poor patients free. He had been a patient; empathize with his patient because he really understands what his patients are going through. I am so proud of him that not only he is treating his patients in best possible ways but also he helped himself to take control of his own life. Hats off! To you PAPA

                                 ‘’Strong will power is fatal to the disease’’

Doctor I am

 Get your story published in The Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – Indian Doctors at BlogAdda

‘’Doctor I am, tell me what is bothering you, the disease or the thought that leading to the disease’’

An old woman in oncology ward was constantly looking at that door as if she was expecting someone to come, to ask her how she is feeling. Her eyes were telling the story of her loneliness; wrinkles on her face were reflecting her pain and not only the age. At the age when she was retired from her responsibilities, no one is taking responsibility of her. When she needed the support of her loved ones, a shoulder for support, she would force to be in her bed in the ward by the nurses. She was just trying to find the reason to live, though she knew nobody needs her anymore and it would not affect anybody whether she is alive or dead.

My clinicals had started in third year and I was wondering with stethoscope around my neck as if I were practicing from years. I was actually watching her very closely and without any connecting cord, I felt myself connected to her on the ground of humanity, she needed someone and I gave my hand to her to gave her comfort and motivate her. Her emotional pain was worst than the cancer, the cancerous thoughts were invading her mind and the wounds were deeper to heal. I felt her agony without any conversation with her and I put my hand on shoulder to make her feel better. She smiled at me and spoke in Kannada but I understood what she meant without knowing the language.
At that moment, I thought, how her family left her like this. I was attached to her and she used to wait for me.

The days were passing by and because of my sessional exams, I couldn’t got to the hospital for 10 days. Once my exams got over, I went to the hospital took her favorite sweet ‘’pisum’’ but she was not their on her bed, not in the ward even. My eyes were rolling around to find her, in the mean time nurse came and informed me that the woman I am searching is no more …..I felt very helpless; stethoscope around my neck was suffocating me and could not gulp the pain.

However, that was an end of her sufferings ….That all I could say, when things are not under control. God is the best doctor and have the ability to heal even the deepest wound.

That woman died not from cancer but she just wanted too, cancer apparently became the reason but the reason was deeper.

The trend of treating patients has changed with the change in technology. Man is turning in to machine, a machine without perceptions. Consultation charges to be deposited on the counter and they hardly listen to you and treat you by their standard prescription, they won’t listen to you but give you the next appointments. No heart involved in profession, instead too professional attitude for the profession. I am not blaming the doctors, I am a doctor too and understands the limitations but it is my humble request to the doctors that make your patient feel that you heard them and treating them accordingly.

‘’Patients needs the medicines for the diseases but they need ear too’’

Women Power?

Happy International Women Day

I am not generalizing entire mass of society but I am pertaining this to the majority of the people who show their shocked faces when they would be informed that its a baby girl. I have seen educated people with their masked faces try to hide expressions but become mute for a while. People behave like that because they know that ''The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, "It's a girl." ~Shirley Chisholm. Its very sad state of affair that female feticide stills  happens in this so-called modern era and people kill their daughters, how could they do so?

The psychology behind this approach is  they have seen girl dying in womb, if given a chance to survive than she might become pray for the sexually deprived cruel species , that species would never look at her age but on gender, they might destroy her zest for living and may be she would be thrown in gutters or deserted area; left her crying in midst of life and death and the next day she would become breaking news for news channel and if not then might be selled in masala news.
If she is fortunate to escape from these turmoil, then she would get married and burnt for dowry by her in laws. Our daily newspaper says it all.

Just to release stress , I would like you to go in the past and think about Sita mata, daughter of king Janak and wife of Lord Shri Ram, she proved herself throughout her life, being a princess, a queen and wife of Lord Shri Ram  suffered throughout her life and given agniparaksha to prove that she is pure for the sake of Maryada. I firmly believe in god but its an ironical state that women has been treated like this from ages.

Now I would like to share with you a story; based on real life. ...I have been told by my friend a story of two women belonged to a huge giant family. Let me give them name kiran and simran. Simran was a selfless lady, would always devoted her time to meet the demands and needs of that family and she was happy.Family members took her for granted, she has been treated like a housekeeper and not as a family member but she was too innocent and so much involved in all that, that she never felt it. But when division of the family and division of house happened; she lost herself completely; forgot all her roles as a wife,mother,daughter in law,sister in law....and went into deep depression .She started showing extreme behaviour ....she used to be submissive at one time and at the other moment she used to burst in a fit of rage. Can you imagine how it would affected her kids, their childhood was at stake and they became insecure yet mature....too mature for their age. I have read in psychology that mother transfer her fears,anxiety and other emotions as well and that happened with those kids too. After suffering so much in her life, she silently left the world,the world which became hell for her .

The other women in the same family was Kiran and she was the lady of the house,though she was living in the same joint family but the from the very beginning she drew lines and never worked for other family members.She was focussed on her family and her kids and was just a mother and wife. She was the boss of the house and smart in handling matters.She used to give orders to Simran and get all her work done.She is still alive,happy and healthy even in the oldage.Nobody ever dared to take advantage of her.Her story reminded me the famous quote by Roseanne Barr
''The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ''

That was the story of two different women playing their roles differently.So tell me What is the moral of the story?this question I would like to be answered by the readers.

Forget about the gender thing, I think both belongs to the same planet and must share a harmonious relationship by understanding and respecting each other.With that note I would like to share this quote
“The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own. There is no other way,” by Betty Friedan.

I am tagging here my  blogger friends to participate in this contest.

नन्ही आँखों....

बचपन की धुंदली यादें
आज भी याद आती हैं
वो स्कूल बस में बैठकर
दूर तलक आँखों से ओझल होने का
सब मंज़र याद हैं
आरक्षण के नाम पर जलते लोग
चोरहों पर जगह जगह लगी आग
पथराव बसों पर
सब कुछ तहस नहस किया कुछ लोगो ने
नन्ही आँखों ने जो देखा
वो सब याद हैं
एक पत्थर मेरी सीट की खिड़की पर भी आया था
बस को रोका गया
हर तरफ आग ही आग थी
हम सब बच्चे रोने लगें
पर वो आवाज़ किसी के कानों में नहीं पड़ी
कुछ देर बाद फिर हमारी बस चली
पर वो यादें वही तहर गयी
वो यादें आज भी दिल को दहलाती हैं
पहले भी इंसान की कीमत नहीं थी
जानें जा रही थी
और आज भी इंसान की जान की कीमत नहीं
ऐसा आखिर क्यों ?

Yes..... Falling In Love Is Once-A-Lifetime Thing

                                                             image courtesy-Google

"Love is when you look into someones eyes and go all the way inside, to their soul and you both know... instantly."
- Angela Chase on My So Called Life 

Though love sounds dreamy to me and I do think that love is one time thing in life.What if I never fell in love before marriage.Love without commitment is like tree without its root.I have seen people falling in love with amnesic mind and once they get engaged they dump their ex lovers.People often confuse love with lust and remain confused  through out their lives and confuse others too.I need a poetic break to explain it further:

Love, a river of emotions
flowing and crossing the obstacles
carry everything
overriding emotions
dreamy condition
love needs care and respect
trust as the strong foundation

As I said love without commitment is like tree without roots and fish without water BUT commitment without love is worst than that.

"If the love you think you felt goes away quickly, then what you felt was never love to begin with."
- Henry Mac

I am not against love instead I believe love is the most wonderful thing to happen and if you have your soul mate with you than you don't bother about the world and that indeed leads to a successful life because you are happy inside.Life is simple but it is us who complicate it by weaving our thoughts and thoughts reflect our personality.Love who you are and love with whom you are, you will find life beautiful and meaningful.

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Certainly true love happens one time in life if it happens over and over again than it would not be love.

“True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.”

-Alicia Barnhart

These were my words on the topic and I would like to hear others honest opinion about it whether against or in favor of it.

It seems to be people have become drowsy from the overdose of love so for that read this quote and believe me it works.....
Love yourself, for if you don't, how can you expect anybody else to love you?

On that note wish you all a very Happy Valentine day.Make yourself feel special and make it special for those whom you love.

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 I am writing FOR the topic of debate-Is Falling In Love Once-A-Lifetime thing?


Chewing tobacco
placed it in mouth
just for pleasure

Ignorant you were
informed about the consequences
but you never cared
never ever cared for those ,
who cared for you
neglected your health
your loved ones
for what
just for momentary pleasure

today you look pale,fatigued
your complexions has changed
you have changed
for what

look into the eyes of your mom
she looks older than her age
she looks worried
just think once
ask your conscience

a deep oral ulcer developed on the side of your tongue
quite deep it is
diagnozed to be oral cancer
still you want
that pleasure
don't panic
its an early stage
but my concern is the same
have you realized your mistake
what is your choice
quit that habit or life

tobacco is the main cause for ORAL CANCER
so please stay away from it
your life is precious
for you and your loved ones
they need you
think about them
choose a healthy lifestyle

I am just trying to spread awareness for those who consumes tobacco in any form.Being a dentist I want to tell people that choose life and NOT tobacco.Just a sincere request..........

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BLOGGING makes me feel light hearted.To me its a medium for the outflow of emotions which are woven around me from quite sometimes and were controlling me and hovering my mind and soul.
Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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