what they ask for?
What they need?
Tender, love and care.
What they give?
What is their fate?
Given on special occasion:
on birthdays, to welcome guests,
On marriage,
when used on bride it enhance her beauty.
alas !used on death too.
Borned in soil and die in it.
When plucked,
 cry alot ,but give happiness to others
and then quit.

They give some message throughout their life:

What if I die in a short span but I gave you my fragrance,gave you a smile,makes you feel specialYou appreciate me when I was beautiful,youthful but when I aged I lost my beauty ,my charm and you whom I gave everything beyond my own capacity.I changed physically but why have you changed ,your way of looking me changed.Am I destined to die like this?

I Hate Definations

I hate bookish definations and those were like crawling earthworms on my piece of head.Reading a 10 kilos books containing thousands of defination to torture students like me,transforming them to parrots.I tried  so many times to mug up those rediculous defination but I always failed to do so that as I added my own words their too.But examiners who analyze answer sheets through words only put a huge cross over it to satisy their egos of judging others.
I used to compare my answersheet with the toppers of my class and then I realized that I was tricked by words.I always wanted to play with words but their I had no control over it and instead words were playing with me.I saw toppers's answer sheets and it was full of bookish language and words with 0 application of mind.
I don't blame those students neither me,we are just the victims of education system.

Unfortunately our education system is emphasizing on writing within lines ,colour within line,everthing in limits.That is why our vision is bounded and not free.We are free verbally but actually we are not .We are enslaved by our own system.I am not playing blame game but I just want to convey..... What we want from generation next? Follow same format of trapped in the world of defination or search meaning of whatever is mentioned in those horrifying words in defination.What is more important?Priortization is must for everything and anything.

Another word is FOCUS ....till tenth a teenager is not mature enough to decide instead they don't have vision of their own.They are just like clay and can be moulded in any shape so its a duty of those hands to shape it in a way it can be more functional and contented in that shape.Forcing them to take science or anything that is of not their interest.Their choice must be kept in mind after all they are different individual,they are offcourse your blood but they are not you.Respect their interest and give them shape and I can assure you the shape you will
discover later will be the finest of all.

Shifting Frames

It is something about shifting frames.Its an art invented by

Pratibha The Talent

 to crush,distort the original picture as per my convinience and thought process.My creativity my ways.


My this post is for ''frames of freedom'' BLOGADDA contest

I tried to portray freedom in two frames:

1) Freedom To Dream

I still consider myself a nymph,
woven around by fantasies
and my fairy world.

I feel my dreams,
 I act my dreams.
 I am a girl with
a white duppata of my mother,
tied around my shoulder,
to make my wings .
and jump from the table to swing.

I tried many times to fly
that was/is/will be my dream
and not a lie.
may be one day I will  touch the sky.

To me, thinking like that is a FREEDOM
But I know life is not a dream
and to think like this is not a wisdom.        

2) Reality Check Of Freedom


What if I am in cage?
Don't pity on me ,
atleast I am safe.
Freedom keeps my life on stake.

Do I look worried?
Yes I am.
But not for myself
but for my own species,
living in so called free world.    

I am happy in this cage
their is no act of rage.
I won't chase freedom,
even if it will come to me.                                                                                      

Mist Love


Those love mist,love themselves.
Like love, mist befool us.

Like life, its hazy and
makes you crazy.
We love to befool us in love

Mist is disturbance to transperancy,
sometimes creates a state of urgency.
Sometimes its an eye pleaser,
but at times a real teaser.

Its lifelike for many reasons,
sometimes it ignore seasons.
Like a girl with core of fantasies,
indifferent to world with its fancies.

It fascinates us with its beauty,
as an envelope to creativity.

You lost and found in mist,
rejoice with thump
and jump.

Mist love is must,
like a thrust.
Its like a love at first sight,
with that insight.
I now stop myself to write.
I am ready for flight.


After reading a lot of stuff about kashmir's fate ,I had a dream last night from Kashmir .Kashmir,the place wrapped with blood bedsheet and I named my poem KASHMIR CALLING.Here are those words spoken to me last night ..............

                 I am Kashmir.
                 My land is bleeding,
              My people are weeping 

                   Crawling to death,
               without taking a breath.
          Death is dancing on our heads.

    Eyes are so dry without any clue of tear.
            Death like state of living,
            life is curtained with fear.

                    No one can resque,
                 but firing their bullets.

                     Kids are orphaned.
                 Bodies are just in pieces,
             which belongs to whom
                    cannot be explained.

                    Deep excruciating,
             throbbing pain in my chest.
         Only after death I can take rest

           I am forgotten Kashmir.
         I am shivering with pain and fear,
           crying alone as no ear to hear.

                     OUT OF KASHMIR
                        People are deaf;
              can't listen to wrathful cries.

                        People are blind;
                      can't see dying land.

                        People are dumb;
                  can't speak for Kashmir,
                     their tongue is numb.

                       People can't smell;
               putrid mingled rotten bodies,
                        killing the noses.

                       People can't feel;
                        feel of Kashmir.
              They are already dead souls.

                       I am Kashmir..........
        I was a paradise ,once upon a time.

                      Once upon a time.......... 
                      You people said
        '' dharti par kahi swarg to bas yahi hai''
                      gone are those days.
              But now you are spitting on me
                         I am Kashmir.
                  I am ashamed of you;
           prove me wrong if not though.


ना राहे ना मंजीले मिली
मिली तो बस सजा मिली

राहों में फूल मिले ना मिले,
काटों की तड़प मुनासिब मिली

डगमगाते है कदम,
आखिर क़दमों में इतनी हरकत क्यूँ है?

सोच सोचकर सूज गया है दीमाग
राहत मिले ना मिले
आँखें निकल आई है बाहर
आखिर इनायत कब होगी

आँखों में अश्क मिले ना मिले
नमी तो होगी
फिर आएगी चमक इन आँखों में
कभी तो खुदा की करामात  होगी

सुकून मिले ना मिले
ये इल्म है हमें
हर तरफ मेरे नाम की बारिश होगी

अक्स में दम है अगर
मुश्किल कितनी भी हो डगर
एक दिन मेरी ये हसरत पूरी तो होगी

Pratibha The Talent: Still Proud To Be An Indian

Pratibha The Talent: Still Proud To Be An Indian
This post is new and originally written for blogadda -''Mera Bharat Mahan ''contest

15th August is approaching ,but where is that feeling of proud to be an Indian as it is leaving its ground.Everyday new scam ,new scandal who will remember the sacrifices of poor leaders who gave their life sheerly for independence.They died for those who are already living with dead souls.Actually those people can't be blamed as they were enslaved but we are accepting slavery with our own choice.Can anybody tell me that Is your conscious  not hurt when u hear news like 4000 Rs butt wiping paper is meant for cleaning shit.Are we just spectator of sordid drama or belongs to this country.Why are we paying prices ? Is it

something related to Nation's pride

Do we need such cheap publicity?Actually this showed the level to which our so called politician go so far to fill their filthy pockets.................Still you feel proud to be an Indian- this was the awefull example of character of us as an Indian.
Do you think media or people forget about the government will do anything in regard to this?All are still sleeping?
I know it sucks.We are paying taxes for cheapskate.
The question is What do we do?
I have few answers to this:
1]  Non-cooperation movement against the system.
     Make it very clear that you are not going to take this.Enough is Enough.
2] Make agenda to vote against all the politicians.
3] Make a system based on entrance exam and multiple interviews to check a true leader in him.
   rankwise designation to worthy candidates.eligibility criteria is top  post graduates in respective fields.
4] People from management colleges must be recruited.
5] Give chance and trust today's youth .They can do wonders and their energy can be channelized on purpose.
6]Usage of all fundamental rights .Right to vote amongst those they want to choose and it should not be beggar's choice.
7] 8] 9]  and so on suggestions are welcomed as we all have right to express.

on happy note......HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY-15TH AUGUST 2010

Few Wonderful Quotes I Can Never Ever Forget:

Few wonderful quotes I can never ever forget:

1]  Pursuit of excellance
     Excellance is an art won by training abd habituation,we do not act rightly because we have virtue or      excellance;rather,we have those because we have acted rightly;we are what we repeatedly do.
     Excellance,then,is not an act but a habit…………..ARISTOTLE

2]  Excellance comes as a result of ceaseless concentration……….LOUISE BROOKS

3]   Strive for excellance not perfection……..H.JACKSON BROWN

4]   The best we can di is size up the chances,
   Calculate the risks involved,
   Estimate our ability to deal with them
   And then make our plans with confidence…………HENRY FORD

5]  You do not merely want to be considered the best of best.
      You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do………………..JURY GARCIA

6]  Excellance is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well………JOHN W. GARDNER

7]  We distinguish the excellent man from the common man by saying that the former is one who make great demands on himself and the latter who makes no demand on himself. …………………………………JOSE.Ortega Y Gasse


One Chance....One Life

That was a wonderful wedding.twosome were looking like a heavenly made couple.They were love birds,loved each other deeply from 7 years and the day of their life arrived.Just after marriage they lived like Mills and boons''.they were just perfect for each other.After 1 year of honeymoon period both of them realized that they are changed.they were something else before marriage and actually marriage burnt their love,their was no spark, no fire between their missed love.They started quarrelling over small small things and that heavenly made couple turned into hell couple.Their relationship was going through bad phase but in a fit of rage they both decided to take divorce;a drift which can never be filled was created.
Finally they took divorce.Both of them were agonized with pain,cursing their marriage ,their partner and god.
That girl changed her job,her house just to get out of that nightmare.That boy initially started consuming alcohol in order to forget his love of life .It was taking a whole out of him to overcome his frustration,feeling of failed in relationship.
In her office,she found herself depressed,she looked sad with no hope in her eyes.Their was actually bliss peeping for supporting and a shoulder to cry.She got another opportunity when she found a friend [obviously boy  to give a twist to the story] in her office.He supported her when nobody was their for her instead people always wanted to know reason of her divorce and masala news types.At that time she was not aware of feelings of that new guy in his life.Sooner she came to know about that and she accepted his proposal because of his unconditional love for her.They shared,cared,laughed toghether again she fell in love and was completely lost in his dreamland.
One day somebody rang the doorbell.She smelt the rat which disturbed her conversation with her boyfriend before opening the door .But she has to open the door and when she opened the door She was devilishly dismayed and stopped their for a while and then after a few minutes she realized that her past is in front of her.Her ex-husband tried to hug her as he saw her after an year and could't control himself from loving her.That one year was a decade for him,everyday was worst then the previous day .When he tried to hug her,she pushed him and introduce him to her boyfriend and she mentioned that they will get married sooner.Her ex-husband never expected that from her, was shattered and outrageously mad on her.
Immediately her ex-husband took a vase from the table and hit her someone special on his head.He died on the spot.That girl turned mad on him and said I will give the same pain ,you gave me now.She quickly brought sharp knife from her kitchen and cutted her wrist.She was no more......silence was killing him too.He replied to her dead body that I always loved you ,I will never leave are mine and then he kicked her boyfriend's dead body away from her and lie down near his ex-wife and cut his wrist too with the same knife and died and floor was flooded with threesome blood.
Who knows what will happen after death?You have just one live it the fulliest.


This is my perception of looking at things for example :
look at this picture ,Its a sample picture which is accessible to everone
but I coloured it with my own colour ,with my own instict.
We all are different and blessed with different point of view and our own perception.
We visualize things differently and We have vision of our own.
We look at the same things but differently and believe me we all are right in our own ways.
JUST a belief or trust is needed Otherwise WE ALL ARE THE BEST in our own ways.

Be Positive

Some people are logical,
but some are irrational,illogical and unreasonable.
You have no option so forgive them anyways.

If you are good enough to people 
They will still call you selfish for their own motives;
still remain kind to them.

If you are honest and straight forward.
People may cheat you,destroy you.
Stand again and prove again.

On the way to success,
people will try to stop you,distract you.
Instead focus and succeed your way.

If you find gratitude and happiness,
people may be jealous of you.
Don't give up anyway.

May be people will forget your goodness today,
Don't stop in between .
Be positive anyway.

Think you are best and give your best.
Goodness never ends.
So don't stop in the way.


ग़ज़ल लिखते लिखते हम ग़ज़ल हो गए,
ग़ज़ल हो गयी ज़िन्दगी
हम ज़िन्दगी के हो गए

रह ना पाई आँखों में नींद
फिर भी हम सो गए,
ग़ज़ल लिखते लिखते हम ग़ज़ल हो गए

हर तरफ शोर है,फिर भी ना हमने सुना
हम बहरे भी हो गए
ग़ज़ल लिखते लिखते हम ग़ज़ल हो गए

आग लगी है हर तरफ,
अरमान हो गए बरफ
ग़ज़ल लिखते लिखते हम ग़ज़ल हो गए

लगी थी भीड़ वह भी
ढून्ढ ना पाए हम खुद को कभी
ग़ज़ल लिखते लिखते हम ग़ज़ल हो गए

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BLOGGING makes me feel light hearted.To me its a medium for the outflow of emotions which are woven around me from quite sometimes and were controlling me and hovering my mind and soul.
Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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