Whom to blame?

There was a time
When air was fresh to breathe
Soil was pure to hold the roots of tree
When thunderstorm could not affect anything

The time has changed
air is polluted
Soil has lost its moisture, all separated
leaving the roots abandoned
Trees are falling down
People are blaming nature
After all someone needs to be blamed
But none is ready to take the responsibility

Slightest wind create havoc in people
It can lead to loose their foundation
which is so superficial
as the smile on their face and emotions in their heart
They know the seed they have sown were not deep
It can go with soil erosion
The way culture ripped apart in the name of westernization
Whom to blame
When we know who is it

Just Believe in You

Aim high
You may touch the sky
If you try
Things may be far
Believe in you
You are at par
It may sound impossible 
It is possible 
Anything can be possible 
If you can make your mind
If you feel positive
Things will become positive 
Positivity is magnetic 
It will pull everything towards you
No Matter 
Try hard
Believe in you
You can do it
Achieve it
Make impossible possible 
Just believe in you

Love..may be I will find you

Love is not what it meant to be
do I know what is it
I may claim to be
but who knows what is it
If someone knows
do let me know
I did tried to find it
searched for it
found it
but it does not seems be real sometimes
hope it would be
or it could show me the face of it
I am still wondering
If I know you
or I am just trying to figure out
May be one day I will find you
or may be I will understand you
if you exist
Can't sure enough
though I claim to know you
no matter how it is
How it would be
I don't care if I don't get
may be I will find myself
while searching for you
may be I will start loving myself
whom I lost will find again.

Journey of Love

Love is......
when you miss him
in his absence
which makes you restless
which disturbs your peace of mind
when he is not around
Sometimes, you feel insecure
You have no reason
you look lost
you start liking waiting
but when it approaches
you lose calm
You can not wait anymore
It is weird
makes no sense at times
its hard to understand
you wait for person,
spent whole day thinking about him
but when you face him
you have no words
he gets angry..you get angry
He is craving for the words...
but you have no words
wonder why he does not understand silence
if understands
then he pretends he does not
eyes listens to the heart and tears find their ways
It is not easy as it seems
Its way too difficult to express
it makes you irritated
It shortens your temper
you were never like this before
you have changed
but you have no idea
why you changed
though you never wanted to
you miss yourself
the way were before
the freedom you had
now you have not
now you are responsible
responsibilities took your freedom
you were free bird before
but you start liking your nest
it is not you can not fly
it just you are not you but you are we
your world has changed
you have grown up
accepting your roles
you are still you but a mature you
You are the one whom people can rely
you are one who has all answer
though you may not have
but you have too

Love is beyond words
It is beyond horizon
it is an eye opener
you have better perceptions
you are better human being...

photo credit for all pics goes to google images

Happy Father's day dear PaPa

 photo credit-google

My father is a driving force for me to become what I am today and what I will be in my future. He has been a great help in whatever I do. I am expressing gratitude to my father through the poem on Father's day. 

Father O ' dear father
You have been there
in the lows and high
your words
your voice
worked wonder
for me
I remember
in childhood
When I was small
holding your finger
in a fear of losing you

Now I am grown up
I still have fear of losing you
What do I do
I want to hold your finger
and want to follow your foot steps
I want to be like you
I tried hard
but I know
I cannot become like you
in fact no one can be like you
You have the special place in my heart
you gave me breath
you gave me heartbeat
you gave me life
you told me
How to live life
I love how you simplify life
Which seems to be complicated to me
You have a huge heart
you absorbed my mistakes
never let me down
you increased my height
in people's eye
I am nothing...
without you
I have seen you struggling with life and death
but you always won
no matter how hard life was with you
Your life inspire me
I feel nothing can stop me
to be what I want to be
I am growing because of you
I have learned so much from you and that empowers me
You can never get better

you are the best
you value humanity
your higher perceptions
are exceptional
I am just a little sapling
I need your protective hands
or let me grow to withstand it

O' father give me the light
give me the way
to walk your way
I  never want to lose your from my sight

Father you might not know
How much I care for you
I am away but still with you
I am proud to be your daughter
You are my pride my honour...

Happy Father's day to the best father in the world.

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.com

o life

O - life inspire me
I guess I am stuck
I am standing in still water
I want to with waves
Give  some reason
Give me a way
I do not want to lost in crowd
It suffocate me
I want to stand

I want to look distinct
Though for the time being
I do not know what  is holding me back
What is hidden behind the clouds
The dreams are hazy
Vision is blurred
Speech is slurred
I am wondering
What is stopping me
Stopping me from taking any action
Why I am in hibernation mode
Is it due to winters or is it me

I was not like this before
Than what changed me
I did not liked this change
I want myself back
I want my energy back
I want to be the same
Unstoppable ..unbeatable

Individual with opinion
Dare to take risks and decisions
I want me back

O- inspire me again...

As You Sow So You Reap

वो दुनिया में जब आता हैं
खुशियाँ फैलाता हैं
उसके  आने से घर का मौसम बदल जाता है

हर बच्चा बोलता हैं ,चलना  सीखता हैं
वो ऊँगली पकड़ कर चलता हैं
वो डर कर माँ के आँचल में छिप  जाता हैं
वो कभी परछाई  कभी प्रतिबिम्ब बन जाता हैं

वो सीखता है जो हम उसे सिखातें हैं
पर वो ज्यादा सिखाता हैं जो उसे दिखता हैं
हम वो पाते हैं  जो हम बोते हैं
फिर इतने हैरान क्यों हैं

वो कहता नहीं पर समझता हैं
वो संवेदनशील हैं  बहुत
हमसे भी ज्यादा महसूस करता हैं

कई बार उसकी आंखें  देखती रहती हैं
सुनता हैं वो हर बात जो हम भी नहीं सुन पाते है
हर कही अनकही बात समझता हैं

कई बार वो अपनी बातों से चौंका देता हैं
पर वो वही बोलता हैं जो उसने सीखा हैं

वो मासूम तो ये भी नहीं जानता
कि उसने वही बोला जो सीखा हैं
भोला हैं बहुत, हैरान हो जाता हैं
वो उलझा हैं दों मुइ बातों में

कुछ दिन में वो ये भी सीख जायेगा
उस दिन उसका बचपन खो जायेगा
वो छोटा हैं बहुत पर बड़ी बड़ी बातें बोलता हैं
वो एहसास दिलाता हैं कहाँ हम सही है कहाँ  हैं गलत

वो सीखता है सिखाता भी  हैं
अपने साथ हमें भी बड़ा बनता हैं
उसकी छोटी छोटी बातें दिल में उतर जाती हैं
उसके भोले सवाल बहुत कुछ कह जातें हैं

झूठ बोलने से रोकते हैं उसे
अगले दिन खुद ही बोलने को कहते हैं
वो उलझा हैं इस उधेड़ बुन में
क्या सही हैं क्या गलत

वो भोला हैं बहुत
समझता नहीं
ज़िन्दगी सरल हैं
पर इसे उलझाते हम हैं
वो पूछता हैं हैं क्या सही हैं क्या गलत
कई बार उसके असां सवाल मुश्किल बन जाते है

उसकी हर बात सच्ची हैं
मिलावट नहीं हैं ज़रा सी
वो जो बोलता हैं
जो उसके मन में हैं
कितना प्यारा हैं वो

उसमे भगवान  दिखता हैं
उसकी आँखों की चमक
उसकी मीठी मुस्कान
घर को मंदिर बना देती हैं

बहुत सीखना हैं अभी
उसके साथ उसके सवालों के साथ
उसके साथ चलना हैं
वो नन्हे  कदम
सही राह पर ले जायेंगे
चलना हमने सिखाया
पर राह वही दिखायेंगे

उन्हें देखो समझो उन्हें
जानो उन्हें
प्यार से सीचों उन्हें
फिर देखना ये छाव  फैलायेंगे
खिलेंगे  महकेंगे आँगन में
बस थोडा प्यार और वक़्त मांगते हैं
सीचों  उन्हें प्यार से


All that matters is.......
When you dream day and night
When you think no can guide

but a desire impinging your thoughts
leaves lump in your throat

nothing affects you
no movement, no hue

everything seems to be standstill
yet you have to climb a rock hill

silence breaching the running noises
no friend, no foe

surrounded by white light
no one can reach to that height

mind knows no games
not changed but the same

just want to reach a place
where i will get my space

though all are good
but you need food for thought

so crowded , so humid
imagination is vivid

weather keeps on changing
heat is scorching

but it cannot affect your soul
though it affected body carrying this soul

no regret, no complains
cannot even feel the pain

this is not a coma condition
but definite comma in your life

There is something which will continue
It is something worth waiting for sure

but all that matters is....
Hope will  never die
it will help you to reach the sky

This post is written as a part of 'All that Matters' contest at BlogAdda.com in association with INK Talks 2013.

Soar High

i think whatever i thought was a great thought
every plan is planned with a thought
a  thought is conceptualize if put it in action
an action is sequelae of repetitive thought process
if you weave a dream, give it a thought
involve your heart and head
try everything to it make it real
let the other things get blurred from your vision
and just see what you want actually
self improvement comes with self evaluation
self evaluation comes with knowledge and wisdom
to attain that level, you need an institution
institution, where you can learn and apply whatever you have learned
this learning decides how much you will earn
give yourself a chance to live and soar high
you deserve to be a better you


My imagination was vivid
but the reality is ambagious

"Truth is stranger than fiction"

what we think the reality would be
is our perception of life
when we think, 
we think the way we are 
and the way we think of it
but it is not always 
that things that we think will turn the way we thought of it
but it turn the way it should be
or the way it meant to be
we can control ourselves 
and things we are responsible for
but we can not control the things which we are not
things which we can't change
we are not in charge of that
but what we are charged of
should be taken care of

truth is stranger than fiction

when we are stranger to our own self

when we know who we are

what we are for
what we have to be

when we are in the world of imagination

truth seems weird
but when are in reality
its the biggest truth
when we step from fantasy world to the real world
things change...
change for good and it is the need for survival
reality kicks a person to wake up from the sleep of comfort

when we are in comfort zone

we actually don't value the comfort
when we work hard for the day and come back home
we don't realize when we sleep
things become meaningful when it shaped into reality
i dreamt what i want be
but i achieved it when i actually put all of myself into it
when other things blurred
i actually saw the fish's eye
the way Arjun saw
i actually become foccussed
it started with a seed of wish
i watered it with my sweat and sleep
now i am on the way
still learning and growing
now i am loving
facing the challenges of life
challenging life to challenge me more
to keep the urge of learning at peak
never want it to die for dream
till this dream becomes true
till the other strong dreams occupy my mind

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