Goodbye2010 And Welcome 2011

Unwinding old thoughts
Coming up with the new ideas
Rejuvenating my own soul

Blessings of New Year waiting ahead
A knock on the door
Will be heard soon

Cyclone of thoughts calming down
Chirping of birds
Sounds distinctly
Stirred thoughts to proper consistency
Dissolving the unsolved matters
Transparency is yet to be achieved
But the process is going on
Music sounds relaxing to hear
Senses working even better
Jolted mish mash cleared up
Life seems to be better
Breathing pattern improved

Smile wants to spend life on lips
Tears said goodbye
Song on lips started with humming
Hesitated to enjoy
From fear of losing it

Want to hug New Year
With a hope of happiness around
With a hope of becoming a better person

Lets say goodbye and thanks to 2010
And welcome New Year 2011

Wish you all a very happy new year

This post is written for BLOGESHWAR (link to the facebook page) and Anubhooti (link to


inspiring one self
raising standards to grow further
aspire high
to touch the sky
often ask what you want from life
aim or just to be happy
too much focussed
to enjoy life
racing for mirage
desire to be satisfied
but greed
dismay satisfaction
heavy head with thoughts
bursting into headaches
overambitious persuasions
killing enamor of the moment
high tide of thoughts
rushing out of mind
finding ways
to overpower the hurdles
why I am thinking this?
what will I get through all this?
where is my peace of mind?
let me take a deep breath........
to answer questions which I raised

thinking now off the race

Bad Fashion Days-Yet Memorable

brandmile "bad fashion days" contest

Gosh! those were the days when I joined the college and college meant to me was a platform to show my  fashion statements like in  typical movies.With that sort of stuff in my mind I stepped in  the I am sharing my experiences of bad fashion days.

Famous - By Payal Kapoor

Those were the tough days where my dreams vanished to feel free in terms of fashion .When I tried to fly while flapping my wings , entering in bizarre world of college.I felt myself lost in the crowd of seniors and all I could hear was -heyyyyy freshie! how dare you blah are not a model and your dress code during ragging period-first sixth month would be tri colored suits and try weirdest colors and it should not match anyhow and mind it to oil your hair till it will start dripping on your face.  and if you will not follow the rules then...........god only knows.
After completing schooling and got rid of that school uniforms and pleated hairs , I thought that in college I can dress up myself the way I wanted to.All the time we used to wear those pathetic tri colored suits and oil-yuk felt weird that too in the humid weather conditions.Whenever we freshies tried to break the rules ,we payed for it by writing notes for the seniors, entertaining them with all our skills of dance and music and they always wanted innovative things.

We were not less than any one so we tried to watch movie and went to movie hall wearing jeans and experimented with tresses.Fortunately, we watched the movie and enjoyed it like anything but we were watched by our seniors while having fun and caught once we came out.The thrill and expressions changed in a while and the smile curve took the reverse curve and we added a little more expressions of feeling sorry....with a blend of tears in eyes.When we reached hostel, we were received with grand welcome and the long list off to do things from seniors.

Those were truly BAD FASHION DAYS but memorable and brings smile on my face.

brandsmile invitation link:


no matter things got worst
could not quench your thirst
spread the smile on your lips

no matter how much pain you felt
fragrance of success you never smelt
wear the smile on your lips

no matter how hard life becomes
life taught tough lessons
smile for what have you got

no matter heart broke many a times
wings torn before flying
smile ,it will heal soon

no matter how deep you fall
pushed by people to fall apart
smile and enjoy free fall

no matter hurt by your own ones
scattered wounds left lonesome
smile that you know the reality now

Akshaya Patra-Changes Life

I was blessed inside the womb;
scared when entered this world.

Crawled in mud,
rejoiced the freedom;
without causing concern.

Saw my peer group going to school
but I never realized;
when I had become
पापी पेट का सवाल
I was begging with hurt.

Scolded, ignored, neglected;
subjected to abusive tongues.

but then
someone came with concern
and said
if you want
you can earn food
while studying for free,
which way you want to go;
a life with respect
or wants to be a पापी पेट का सवाल  throughout life.

For the children who feels the way I expressed it-''if you receive my message somehow than join Akshaya Patra as ''they will feed not only your stomach but also your soul ''

akshayapatra banner
link to make a donation online:

For those who can change their [above mentioned] lives than make a difference to someones life or lives, or those who can write [my fellow bloggers or readers] , write for them ...your efforts will feed them and your soul .

Thanks for reading and contributing,

Dr Pratibha

My Thoughts For The Week

1]Concentrate on your breathing pattern,it will bring you closer to yourself.

2]Breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity.

3]Open your arms ,let the world know you and let yourself to know the world

4]Wear a crown of happiness and feel like a king.

5]Welcome the worth opportunities which comes to you and forget those you missed.

6]If emotions gives you heart aches then try to be practical for a change.

7]If you are hurt then cry for sometime and promise not to cry for the same thing again.

Riddles With Answers

Riddle-the more you expect ,the less you will get and the less you expect ,more you will get

Riddle-the more you live,the more you learn

Riddle-love without condition ,cry without a reason

Riddle-when you love someone without giving freedom
Answer-its not love but insecurity

Riddle-when you make and break rules

Riddle-who thinks beyond lines

Riddle-when you fly without wings and swim without fins

-when your body hurt less and mind more

Riddle-when your body don't support you nor your own ones
Answer-old age

Riddle-if  you prey for others.then you are
Answer-an angel

Riddle-if others pain makes you smile,then you are
Answer-a demon

Riddle-the one who has all the answers

The Mystery

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 17; the seventeenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Did that worry you?
Confused you, blurred your memory
Something is going on behind retina;
Faded thoughts,
Trying to unfold the mystery

A blood stained hand impression
Questioned the investigation
Turns and twists
Twisted again
Mystery unsolved

A home carpeted with blood
Kids killed and never seen again
Pieces sold from their bodies
Left several unanswered questions
Mystery dissolved

A girl going home midnight
Disappeared from sight
Cloth over her mouth
She swallowed her cries, her pain
Thrown away once torn apart
Mystery on hold

Unsafe roads scares
Night on roads worst than a nightmare
Road turning into mischievous forest
Wearing insecurities
Beholding breaths
dread in eyes
Rushing towards home
Everyday conquering over fear

Wrapping strength
Disoriented by flapping tongues
Thoughts permeating on paper
Unrevealed mysteries flare up.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.


This place have been the ducky meeting spot, though looks like a haunted place, for Amy and Sam; they used to spend times together their for hours.Their was romance in the air and waves were  singing love songs.Everything was so perfect ....Amy gave her creative touches to this house and she used to stayed their long hours for waiting for her beloved , in fact she used to love waiting as she always had reached that place hours before the meeting time.She used to put flowers in the flower vase, clean up and decorating that place ,spraying room freshner to freshen up the ambiance. She was one of her own kind. She used to greet her lover with a warm hug and talking for hours.....eating in candle light [as their was no power] than dancing together.

Life was like a fairy tale to her.One day Sam told Amy that he has some urgent work and need to go out for five days.Amy was disheartened by the thought that how could she live without him for five days,Amy was forcing him to stay or to take her with him. He denied because of urgency to go.She cried a lot tried to stop him but all in vain he left her waiting in their favorite place.

She waited for him and every second was like years for her.She loved him from core of her heart.She never realized someone was following her.When she went to her favorite place, she realized someone is following her but when she turned back she could not see anything.She was scared but started moving fast towards that place.
This time she heard footsteps but once she turned nothing was there.She was scared to death and started running towards that place, finally she reached there and took a deep breath.She started writing what she was feeling for her lover.

Then some force stopped her from writing and stabbed knife on her back and quickly went away.Now she wasn't scared but she wanted to write something for her lover

''waiting for you 
leaving me betrayed
wanted to live more
to wait for you

you owe me
people bowed me
force me
taught me new lessons of life

they said to forget you
to throw you away
from my thought
indeed,I waited for you

you promised to come back 
i told you not to go
you left me on my fate

a knife entered my back
i could not see that face
but i know it was you

my hands are shaking
my breath is breathing 
i will come back

i will back 
to look into your eyes 
to ask you the reason
for taking my life.''

Sam was scared to be caught by the police and went to that place in the middle of night to destroy all the proof and her dead body too.He started laughing when found a blood soaked letter and said Amy you were such a fool but I enjoyed your company.You were asking too much from me....commitment.But when he entered that place where he killed her, he couldn't see her dead body instead a girl was sitting with her face covered and sparkling red eyes.Those eyes were very innocent when alive but this time instead of tears blood was dripping through her eyes.She was silently looking into his eyes for answers.

But she never needed his answer though, he was not worth giving a chance .She came with the speed of light and hugged him so tightly that he could not breathe. She hugged him to death and still she is waiting inside and sometimes peep out of her favorite place hug or to tell her story.

Warning-enter at your own risk

disclaimer-this story is just a trigger to mystery in imagination and a piece of fiction.

"This post is written for BLOGESHWAR (link to the facebook page) and Anubhooti (link to

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Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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