Are We Safe?

hell! we are living in here
days are dark and the nights are nightmare
no place is safe
you never know who is next
moving on road is scary
eyes are piercing
comments makes you feel give a tight slap to the person
but the fear makes you shrug
just want to reach home
safe and sooner as you can

we talk about women power 
but her fate is in the hand of by-passer
women is doing this and that
but these womanizer
frustrated, filthy monsters
who are king of roads

no law no fear
they are so sure
what if they caught
nothing will happen
where are we heading?
are we dying
or sleeping souls?

how can we let it happen
kill those bastards
those creepers
they must die
they must be get the solid one
they should know whom they are treating to
or they have learnt this way
they show what they are
they must be treating their mothers,sisters and daughters like this

look at that girl
the spirit in her
suffering excuciating pain of life
surviving on  life support
she wasn't destined to be there
those .......... should be there
who did that

god bless that girl and give her strength to stand again........

Protect Your Child From Overprotectiveness

'' For overprotective parent''
Your child might feel like this:

my fate
my destiny
my dreams
my future
are not decided by me
if i am on earth
it is because of you
than does it mean
that i can not think
about myself

does it mean i have no right
to think what i really want to be

i know
what i am
because of you
but have you ever thought

what i want to be

i know i am blessed
and i am proud of you
but have you ever realized
that i want to make you proud
to be the way i am

i was, i am a child
who consistently got the support
but do you think
i am happy this way

i have feet to stand
i don't need sticks to stand

if you want to see me stand
then take away those stick with a jerk
so that i will realize
i need to help myself
I am sharing what 'I Saw and I Learnt' at in association with


if you want to live life
live freely
life is precious
you worth to live
it fulliest

you have to create
space for yourself
the person will never give you

he will not allow
you in his space

but he will try to occupy
put his fist
on your space
he will try to suffocate you

till you surrender
but don't quit
face it
breathe in to be
comfortable within your body
then try to move yourarms freely
make a circle for
free movement

once you achieve it
start dancing in your space
and the world is yours

once you will get 
that space
you will realize
the importance of freedom

Once Again

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 27; the 27th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'Once Again'.

I was swaying with the wind
I was carried away by the influences
I wanted to achieve something
But something was missing
Perhaps my strong desires
which I had in my head
and in my heart
I let it go like sand in the hands
And nothing worked
The tighter I holded it
The more it slipped
But once again
God has given me a chance
A chance
To raise my head
To look into mirror without any hesitation
Clouds seems to be clear
Winds has changed its minds
I am ready to take flight once again
Once again
I have taken the same path without any fear of losing
Without thinking of failure
I have a reason to smile
I have a reason to live my dream
The dream which was broken earlier
Will not break anymore
I am with back bone now
Will stand till I die
Every moment is mine
My thought, my conviction is with me now
Once again 

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Change Can Happen

I cannot change for anybody
this line we all speak
but whether we are aware of it or not
we all change
we all change ....change
for  good or bad
time change , we age
physically we change
few people due to emotional turmoil
change, either they become part of it or lost themselves
Change can be good or bad

''All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.''
Ellen Glasgow

change gradually change a person
towards growth
decision matters
change brings revolution if we all  change at the same time
if we think same thing to bring change
then change is obvious

change can happen
by awakening souls
by thinking same thought
over and over again

change is not a one day thing
it is a process
a process which needs a thought process
thoughts that actually decide
the fate of change
the stronger we feel about something
the more closer we are to that
things happen
it just need strong determination
and I can do it approach
so dare to change things
you can do it

This post was written for The Time to Change Indiblogger contest.


tsunami, the monstrous waves
pulled lives through its engulfing waves
they have lost loved once, whom they believed to be their life
tsunami in eyes,
taking off the moisture from eyes
heart no more wants to beat
running, wandering....crying in pain
pain that not only involve body but the mind also

the turmoil is never ending

history knew that
we couldn't overcomes
 the aftermath we faced
 after Hiroshima Nagasaki
cancer  still carried away by genes

this time the nature attacked
nature has been taken for granted
we have been in love but lost it in a fraction of second


एक पत्ता गिरा शाख से
जा मिला धूल में
अपना पता भूल गया हो
मिटटी की परत ने
उसका आसतित्व ही मिटा दिया
खो गया कही
पूछा उसने पेड़ की शाख पर नए हरे पत्ते से
इतना ना इतरा, ना देख मुझे इस तरह
जहाँ मैं हूँ आज, वहा कल तू होगा
तेरा वजूद भी चंद लम्हों का हैं
जी ले इसे
फिर ना यह वक़्त होगा
इस धूल में मिलकर मेरी पहचान  धूल हो गयी
कुछ पता नहीं कब मैं हवां के साथ उड़ जाऊं
किस दिशा में जाऊं किस मिटटी में मिल जाऊं
ये वक़्त वक़्त की बात हैं

Life means

Live the way you want
life is too short to analyse
live every moment
so that you don't  regret later

life change with time
life ages with time
but smile
no matter what
but you are the same from inside
your outer cover may be changing
but the way your life is still under your control
take the charge now
before its too late to start
relalize the meaning of life
what it means
to live or pass
everything has some meaning in it
all you have to do
a just thought
thought which can give you a ray of hope
a flight without fear
hug life closely
it will hug you back
feel every moment
it will make your senses even better
so make you life better

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