1] I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life; therefore I demand of myself persistent,continuous action toward its attainment,and here and now promise to render such action.

2] I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality;therefore,I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily,upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become,thereby creating in my mind a mental picture.

3] I know through the principles of autosuggestion,any desire that I persistently hold in my mind  will eventually seek expression .

 4] If I write down my definite aim then I will never quit and written thing will act like  a stimulus to me which will help in attaining self confidence.

5] I believe that no one can achieve their goal of becoming wealthy and famous like Bill gates...without their strong foundation of truth and justice.I will try to induce a positive environment of growth around me and try to be beneficial to people who serve me .

This is my formula of success and I call it as SELF CONFIDENCE FORMULA .A lot of books inspired me  based on this subject.I hope one day it will become everyone's FORMULA.


चलो एक किस्सा सुनाये इमोशनल अत्याचार का
किसी  पे चढ़ा था बुखार प्यार का  

उसने बताया किया था, जिससे किया था प्यार, वो उम्र में थी बड़ी   
दुनिया से बेखबर,ना खबर थी घडी की

वो दोनों प्यार में थे खोये,थी सपने की सहर
हर तरफ थी ख़ुशी की एक लहर 

प्यार में कब सुबह कब शाम हुई,
उन्हें कुछ नहीं थी खबर,
लगी उनके प्यार को किसी की नज़र

उल्फत से उफ़ का सफ़र था कातिल,
उसके मम्मी पापा को पता चला तो हुई मुश्किल

उसके मम्मी पापा उसे ऑस्ट्रेलिया ले गए 
उस दीवाने को अकेला और अकेला कर गए 

टुटा सपना बिखर गया 
फ़ोन का सिलसिला भी कम होता गया

एक दिन उस दीवाने को उस लड़की ने फ़ोन किया
दिल का सारा हाल बोल दिया

बोली वो अब नहीं कुछ हो सकता है
उस दीवाने का दिल ,आज भी कही नहीं लगता है

हर जगह उसके ही ख्यालों में रहता है
दिल में आज भी वो बसी है,न जाने वो कहा रहता है

भूल जाने को कहा और वो खुद को भूल गया
सपनो का वो महल न जाने कैसे टूट गया

उसने मुझे हाल-ए दिल यूँ  बयां किया
इतना इमोशनल अत्याचार आखिर क्यूँ हुआ 

Rain Heavily Heavily Heavily....

Rain heavily heavily heavily,
we sing merrily merrily merrily.

I love this season for no reason,
everybody's favorite is monsoon season,
We want it to shower sooner soon.

Leaves love rain,
as their complexion change.
Lush green colour of leaves are out of their range.

Rain rain relieves the pain,
give life to every grain.
Beat all heat of sun flame.

Children love to splash in puddles,
holding hands and cuddle.
enjoying in muddle.

Some loves catching the raindrops on tongue.
It seems good for lungs.
Touching raindrops with fingers is a fun.

Clouds are in mood to play hide and seek,
only sun was a geek.
Its a time to freek.


Watching something like this feels like you are in a paradise.I captured that moment so that I can will feel the magical effect of rainbow later on.This picture inspired me to write something about it.


किसी गिरते को उठाए तो कोई बात बने,
और रोते को हंसाये तो कोई बात बने

प्यार अपनों से तो हर कोई निभा लेता है
प्यार गैरों से निभाए तो कोई बात बने
और रोते को हंसाये तो कोई बात बने

कांटे राहों में बिछाना तो कोई बात नहीं,
फूल रहो में बिछाये तो कोई बात बने

और रोते को हंसाये तो कोई बात बने

हंसके खुशियों में हो जाती है दुनिया शामिल
किसी के  दुःख दर्द में काम आये तो कोई बात बने
और रोते को हंसाये तो कोई बात बने

राम अल्लाह को रिझाना तो मुबारक है मगर
उसके बन्दों को रिझाये तो कोई बात बने
और रोते को हंसाये तो कोई बात बने


आज तुम बाज़ार जा कर कुछ भी खरीद सकते हो
तो आज मेरे लिए बचपन खरीद कर ले आओ
ज्यादा महंगा नहीं होगा ,वोह तो तुम्हे किसी गली में कही हँसता ,रोता मिल जायेगा
बचपन एक जादुई खिलौना है जो कभी तो ठाहके लगा रहा है,
कभी जिद कर रहा है,कभी बिलख रहा है तो किसी से  लड़  रहा है.
मेरे लिए तो सिर्फ वो बचपन ले आओ
और जो भी मेरे पास है वो ले जाओ
तुम देखना बचपन कही किसी कोने में कटोरा लिए भीख मांग रहा होगा
हँसता,तुतलाता,नाचता,झूलता,रोता,बिलखता,पगला सा,जिद व किलकारियों से भरा बचपन
आज मुझे लौटा दो,
वो प्यारा सा,जादू सा बचपन


                                          Think about army,navy and airforce.
                                          What is their driving force?
                                          They pay their nationality with their blood.
                                          They sacrifice their life under the snake hood.
                                          Their worth even they don't know.
                                           More than any precious gem for sure.
                                           How can we forget them ?
                                           How can we be thankless to them?
                                           They save our country from outsiders.
What about us the quitter?
Common people suffer because they want to suffer.
They don't vote but they have so much to utter.
Things are not simple.
Who complicate this?
Whom to blame?
Stop giving excuses because excuses are lame.
''Contribute to your nation a vote.''
This is my quote.

Tangy Tuesday Picks

Pages From My Diary

Today it was the horrible day,my 9 month old daughter fell down from the bed,when I was rushing to the kitchen to get some milk for her.She hit the floor so hard that after sometime she vomit the whole milk.At that time I realized that something wrong has happened and I called my father as they are doctor too to check my daughter and help me.My father came and checked.Clinically she was normal and stable but my concerned was that swelling in the headand I wanted to it to Paedatrician.In the evening,we showed her to the Paediatrician who confirmed fracture of parietal [skull] bone and it was a case of head injury .Then he adviced MRI,CT SCAN for head.At that particular time when I heard it my heart sank for few minutes.Ilove my kids beyound any limit.Their is no pain bigger that this pain.Physical pain does not hurt that much.I found difficulty in breathe,I felt suffocated with fear and pain.I just wanted to give every bit of happiness to my kids.Then we rushed to the diagnostic centre.They gave sedative and after about an hour , she got into deep sleep,It is so difficult to see and bear your own kid sufferings.She was lying on table for MRI and when she was going inside that noisy MRI my pain and fear increased .I can still feel that pain when I am typing pages from my diary and taking deep breathe as stresses are so much...........
Coming back to that page ,those sounds were horrible and induced more fear in me.THANK GOD my daughter is not listening to those sound as she is under the effect of sedative.
Fracture was confirmed but thank god brain is normal and its not affected.Again for my satisfaction I asked them to get her CT SCAN done to know about the type of fracture so that I can take precautions.I got surprised when I came to know that two bones are fractured.Quite big it was....that fracture line...really scary.Still positive thing is brain is normal and in kids bone are cartilagineous and heal really fast.God is really great if you prey from heart ,he really listen.

Sometime people neglect when kids are asymptomatic and they ignore little things.But these little thing can ruin life later on.Don't do that to kids,they are tender then flower and very fragile .......all they need is TLC[Tender,Love and Care].


Variation is destined and we must accept that fact.The time difference in these two click is just a minute.Time is very precious tool we have .If you watch these clouds carefully then you will notice change in colour,in pattern and message they are giving to us.Both the pictures depicting EMOTIONAL ATYACHAAR of god.Similarly we take bad times,feeling hurt and cheated as emotional atyachaar but later on we realized that we actually learn from such experiences.Look at these graceful clouds how gracefully they took the change, the variation and keep yourself motivated.
Learn from such examples.

Killing Through Eyes

Its not an old story but its an incidence that is still crawling in my mind .May be its not a new thing but I still feel that agony of being a girl.Yesterday I was proudly annoucing on blog about the joys of motherhood but afterall I am a woman too.
Today I got up early in the morning and getting up early in morning is not a small thing to me but instead its like a challenge to me.Anyway I got up and went for a walk,to breathe fresh air,to feel the energy of sun,to hear chirping sounds of birds,to smell the fragnance of flowers,to open my eyes and mind and let the positivity flows in me.With that note in my mind I was taking rounds.
While walking I realized three pair of eyes staring at me that was actually killing me.At one point of time I felt like giving them a tight slap but my maturity and inhibitions stopped me from doing so.I ignored them the way I ignore stray dogs and moved ahead .
Now my question to all the respectable bloggers is that ''What will be your reaction in such circumstances?

From My Child's Point Of View

Just before sleeping I had a little conversation with my son.It starts like this:

My son : Mamma where is god?

Me : God is their in the sky.God is everywhere.

My son : I mean where does he live in sky?

Me : He lives in his home in the sky.

My son : But earlier he lives on land then why in sky now?

Me : Who told you this?

My son : I know it by myself

Me : Please tell me.

My son : No its a secret.

Me : Okey.

My son : Can I see god mamma?

Me : No you can't but you can feel his presence as whenever and wherever you really need him ,he is always their for its sleeping time.goodnight son.

My Name Is'' Pratibha ''Means Talent

Perhaps I am borne with the talent,
I realized it lately.
My name itself is my character.
Its not only an adjective but a noun too.
I am blessed to my parent and I am blessed too.
They gave me this name long time back.
I actually realized its worth today.
People says whats their in name ,
but to me my name itself defines me.
Today I recognized myself,
tomorrow people will do.
Its a search within me,
then and after people will find me .

Dream For A Dream

Their is always a dream for a dream,
I want my world always green.
Living my dream is also my dream,
what to do its in my genes.
It seems their is steam without fire,
but their is a burning desire.
Their is something beyond infinity,
something beyond science and serendipity.
Heart is heavy,restlessness in mind,
I am of my own kind.
I think this is the only answer i have,
which give me piece of peace.

Poetry On My Head Keep Me Occupied

What if poetry is on my head,
I try to do something else ,
but then again I am back.
Something keeps me always occupied,
thoughts,thoughts and thoughts.
Sometimes I feel like Mungarilal,
thoughts are woven and woven.
Difficulty in solving them again keep me occupied.


If you look deep into the eyes of your own kid,you will find innocence,need of love,desire to be hugged and all he want is the time and love.His desires and expectation hold me back from going anywhere.I can sense his need to be with me all the time.Motherhood to me is the best gift I could ever received,with this emotional bonding sometimes I feel like crying and laughing at the same time.Its not a psychological problem but its a state of emotion of mother.Mother always cry when her kids are hurt [emotionally or physically].She can sense pain deeper than the kid.She is always so much into her kids and so lost in them sometimes even forget about herself.What I am writing here is not greek or latin but a heartfelt emotion of every mother.

The World

For someone you are the world,but for you someone is the world.
Always feel on the top of world and others feel the same.
Make the difference to this world,
And your world be the different one.

What For Am I Here?

What for am I here? This question often comes to my mind.Why god gave me talent ? Still this question pondering my mind.
Is their something which I supposed to do?Something is still incomplete. Question....questions and more question all thatI have and waiting for the answers which are hidden within me.
This state of my mind forced me to express which was,is not expressed yet.
Hope is only thing which is moving me and Something ''The best'' is waiting for me.
I am actually inspired by one story in short I would like to tell that if you haven't got what you want then have patience and keep moving in that direction, your turn will definatly come you just need to cross a bridge of frustration and humility.

Copy Paste

May be one day people read my own quotes.
May be one day people will copy paste my quotes, the way I do it.
Hope it will happen soon,
I know it will take a lot of my sleepy noons.

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BLOGGING makes me feel light hearted.To me its a medium for the outflow of emotions which are woven around me from quite sometimes and were controlling me and hovering my mind and soul.
Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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