Took My Breath Away

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This post have been barracked by movie'' Jab We  Met '' specially that scene when train was about to left and I can't forget words by kareena kapoor in Jab We Met when she managed to crusade the train with Shahid Kapoor that'' accha hua ki meri train nahi miss hui ,pichale kai dino se mujhe sapne aa rahe hai ki meri train miss ho gayi hai ''and then she smiled on conquering her biggest fears as she finally managed to be in train.Again she mentioned when she fell in love with Shahid Kapoor but  her ex-lover for whom she left her home proposed her and apologized for his mistake ,at the same time again she felt that she will miss the train again.
Why again and again I mentioned train here now I hereby would like to elaborate ''fear of losing  someone you love is like loosing train''and it is a breath taking moment  as if you would miss this train you will never reach your destination.

When you start feeling little something for someone and if you see that person right in front of you suddenly you feel this world have stopped for a moment .........everything is still so is the breath,its an amazing feeling ;failing newton's law of gravitational pull as you are not pulled by gravity but by someone else.When you fall in love,you start flying in the air,suddenly you start loving your boring surrounding,you feel like floating in the middle of something.When you get an opportunity to see that person your heart start palpitating,short of breath,amnesic and sometime suffer from insomnia .......excuse me I am not talking about any disease but this is love .Love shows such symptoms but only his/her lover can treat him/her.Love is like a cool breeze on face and felt with eyes closed .I don't know exactly what is the correlation of rain with love but rain sounds romantic.Falling in love sounds great.... isn't it?

But imagine if somehow you realize that your love is one sided and find the person whom you loved (for whom you were floating in the air against  gravitational theory of Newton )with someone else in love, you suddenly pulled by gravity and you confront yourself on the floor.I know, that one is heart breaking and smashed  all your dream in a while.But life is a bed of roses with thorns in it.I know reading it is taking your breath away ...its sad here but it is like this way only.Here are some lines from broken heart.......

Took my breath away....
When I saw you that day,
but you never say;
that you are on your way.

Took my breath away.....
You are one in crowd;
but words I never found,
that feeling couldn't sound.

Took my breath away.....
Dealing with heart break,
so bad it ache;
You moved away;
and you took my breath away....

This post is fictional and purely inspired my movies that took my breath away.

Eyes Speaks

Eyes speaks….
Not verbally,
Without any language
But still it speaks
With expressions.
Sometimes eyes smile with a spark in them
Sometimes throw tears in anger and pain

Eye speaks…
In childhood
With glitter of innocence

Eyes speaks…
when in love
Keep rolling for someone
And when strike,hold
And pretend differently

Eyes speaks….
 when mesmerized in baby love
Sometimes through tears of happiness
And sometimes cry in pain

Eyes speaks…
 in oldage
For attention,love
Demand to be looked after
Sometimes looks tired

But sometimes,
 eyes don’t speak
Rest in peace,
Leave other’s eyes crying for them

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an attempt to find out the problem


Time Is The Only Answer

Through the darkness I can see light coming,
blurring vision and hazziness in mind.
Something needs to be explained.
Stir it to make it clear,
night is not a nightmare.
Daylight will reach,
let it preach,
deal with patience.
Sometimes time is the only answer,
bright light has come across,
beautifying the moss.
Your time has come to toss;
let the light enlighten your soul.


Mother not only give birth to the baby but influence personality development of a child.Mother –child relationships falls into two categories
1)Mothers who are affectionate with kids and allow enough autonomy build friendly relationship with their kids
2) Mothers who inflict punishment and ignore their child instill negative behaviour in their child.

Mother’s behaviour directly affect their child’s behaviour as depicted in the table below:

Mother’s behaviour                      Child’s behaviour



Over indulgent
Aggressive,demanding and display of temper tantrums
Under affectionate

Well behaved but shy ,may be unable to cooperate and cry easily due to low confidence level

Aggressive,overactive and disobedient

Evasive and dawdling

Message from above text:
Motherhood is’nt easy, it start with pain and need lot of pains and responsibilities in raising healthy child with a smile on face and innocence in eyes.Preserve their smile ,love them unconditionally.People says to mothers that your love spoiled your child but I believe that it is lack of love that spoil the child.Bring up your child the way you wanted to be loved in your childhood.

Uff! What An Emotional Play?

A thought perpetuate my mind.
Words playing,
thrive me to climb;
ladder of self belief.

Hey! I am not a thief,
instead an original piece.
People try to create controversies,
due to their own miseries.

Uff !What an emotional play?
I am not a clay;
whom can mould or shape;
the way you want.

I am a river to flow,
in my own direction.
Don't be a stone on my way,
probably its not my day.
But I am powerful enough;
to throw you away.
May be I panic sometimes;
when stopped by some hard rock.
But I collect my waves as my power,
to cross the biggest hurdle you make.

Hey !I am not fake.
So understand me for god sake,
and give me a break ufff...

Self Respect

Self respected person can respect others and owe respect, those who think that they are sacrificing /compromising their lives for others actually repent later in their lives. To be self respected first trust yourself, believe in your capabilities, don’t allow anybody taking you for granted.

Life is tough and gives you kicks at different times .It will burn you to polish the diamond in you, Take it, fight with it, and prove yourself. Stop giving explanations but prove it through actions. Maintain a higher character not to please others but for your own. Give time to yourself, to express yourself, you worth time, love…... Spread love; try to be realistic while dealing with expectation because it hurt you most of the time.

You play different roles at different times but don’t forget that actual you. Don’t be a puppet of emotions all the time. If emotions hire your health then you become weak and so is your immunity and you become prey for diseases. Choose a healthy lifestyle. Start your day with a morning walk in lush green surrounding, feel the nature, pleasing chirping sound of birds and  end your day with a thankful note to god for everything.

 Complaining life and blaming others will neither solve your problem nor will it do any good to you. Criticizing fate /destiny blah blah….is a character of looser. Don’t be a looser or beggar because beggars are not choosers we all are aware of this phrase instead keep your own choices and decisions.

Stop people from influencing you don’t mean that you are arrogant show them you loved their idea but keep in your mind your own point of view .Don’t allow anybody to hover your mind to the extent of self respect. Loving others, respecting them is different and leaving your own identity to please others is separate things .If people around you really love you, they will understand you and if not then that means they are mean enough to hurt you throughout your life. I won’t say leave them or hurt them but for your own sake set limits for such people. Be happy and let others be happy is my mantra of life.

If you come across to judgmental people, those who think themselves smart enough to judge you all the time,will never leave a single opportunity to make you feel weak, inferior… lower your self respect as they are borne with  judgmental  qualities and can judge you from dawn to dusk are actually weak personalities ,those who feel superior by pushing you down. They are actually jealous of you. Just leave them with their in born traits and be your own judge and give them food for thought.

In conclusion forget about the people because they keep on changing with time, they are updated enough. In good times, they will laugh with you, give you their valuable company, will make you feel on the top of world. But the moment you will fall, nobody will come to you to hold your hand instead they will blame you to infinity, give you their expert advices and do everything to break your spine.

The solution and one line answer to such people is that sit on a higher seat [beyond the threshold limit of influence of people] of self respect where nobody can affect you. Feel superior but don’t forget the one above you , who is controlling everything. Love his creation, appreciate it and respect it not for others but for your own SELF RESPECT.

How Relationship starts?

With a cut in an umbilical cord,
borne with a cry.
Enter a new world;
of insecurities.
This is how first relationship starts.
Mother’s touch is everything to baby.
Without her he is helpless,
she is the ultimate desire and need to obsess.

Connected to mother.
With needs to be loved, feed and cared.
Hidden umbilical cord of love will remain in mother and child.
Beyond science;
Things do  exists.
Emotion persists.
Physical connection of umbilical cord was cutted long time back.
Any surgical knife is not capable ,
to cut the bond shared by mother and child.

A baby born with a delicacy of flower;
Softness of butter;
innocence of dear;
hair woven by silken moth;
lips like lotus petals;
body movements like mermaid in sea;
freshness of morning dew;
with holistic hue;
life is new.

Ambience filled with fun and frolic,
terribly cry in colic.
All becomes babyholic.
Keeping mom occupied,
but that is justified;
till he become satisfied.

With time ,learn to throw tantrums.
His life is harum sacrum.
Lying on floor;
cry as if never cried before.
Get everything ;
which pleased him.
Living on his own condition.

He always makes you;
learn management skills.
They challenge you.
 teach you patience;
makes you learn many lessons.
Thank your child for giving you opportunity to be a mother.

Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions

Roller coaster ride of emotions,
running by my side.
Played by emotions all the time,
not a moment of mine.
Tired of giving attention to other.
why its me always to bother?
Giving explanations for things,
feels like a scorpion sting.
Things running out of my hand,
its my time to take a stand.
Why its me always crying?
My thoughts keep on prying.
Want to fly like a bird,
Swim like a fish,
play like a child.
Want to feel that buoyant force;
that will become my inspiration source.
Now want to live some more,
with a hope in my core.
But let me pour,
that emotions in my soul.
But this time I will decide,
not my emotions.
After all I am the master of my own;
not my emotions.
I will control them and
don't let them flow unreasonably.
Sow them,
nourish them,
reap them again.
Life is not bargain.
Nothing comes for free,
neither I am a beggar .
I make my own choices,
finding a reason to rejoice.

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Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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