One Chance....One Life

That was a wonderful wedding.twosome were looking like a heavenly made couple.They were love birds,loved each other deeply from 7 years and the day of their life arrived.Just after marriage they lived like Mills and boons''.they were just perfect for each other.After 1 year of honeymoon period both of them realized that they are changed.they were something else before marriage and actually marriage burnt their love,their was no spark, no fire between their missed love.They started quarrelling over small small things and that heavenly made couple turned into hell couple.Their relationship was going through bad phase but in a fit of rage they both decided to take divorce;a drift which can never be filled was created.
Finally they took divorce.Both of them were agonized with pain,cursing their marriage ,their partner and god.
That girl changed her job,her house just to get out of that nightmare.That boy initially started consuming alcohol in order to forget his love of life .It was taking a whole out of him to overcome his frustration,feeling of failed in relationship.
In her office,she found herself depressed,she looked sad with no hope in her eyes.Their was actually bliss peeping for supporting and a shoulder to cry.She got another opportunity when she found a friend [obviously boy  to give a twist to the story] in her office.He supported her when nobody was their for her instead people always wanted to know reason of her divorce and masala news types.At that time she was not aware of feelings of that new guy in his life.Sooner she came to know about that and she accepted his proposal because of his unconditional love for her.They shared,cared,laughed toghether again she fell in love and was completely lost in his dreamland.
One day somebody rang the doorbell.She smelt the rat which disturbed her conversation with her boyfriend before opening the door .But she has to open the door and when she opened the door She was devilishly dismayed and stopped their for a while and then after a few minutes she realized that her past is in front of her.Her ex-husband tried to hug her as he saw her after an year and could't control himself from loving her.That one year was a decade for him,everyday was worst then the previous day .When he tried to hug her,she pushed him and introduce him to her boyfriend and she mentioned that they will get married sooner.Her ex-husband never expected that from her, was shattered and outrageously mad on her.
Immediately her ex-husband took a vase from the table and hit her someone special on his head.He died on the spot.That girl turned mad on him and said I will give the same pain ,you gave me now.She quickly brought sharp knife from her kitchen and cutted her wrist.She was no more......silence was killing him too.He replied to her dead body that I always loved you ,I will never leave .....you are mine and then he kicked her boyfriend's dead body away from her and lie down near his ex-wife and cut his wrist too with the same knife and died and floor was flooded with threesome blood.
Who knows what will happen after death?You have just one chance...one life..........so live it the fulliest.

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BLOGGING makes me feel light hearted.To me its a medium for the outflow of emotions which are woven around me from quite sometimes and were controlling me and hovering my mind and soul.
Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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