Killing Through Eyes

Its not an old story but its an incidence that is still crawling in my mind .May be its not a new thing but I still feel that agony of being a girl.Yesterday I was proudly annoucing on blog about the joys of motherhood but afterall I am a woman too.
Today I got up early in the morning and getting up early in morning is not a small thing to me but instead its like a challenge to me.Anyway I got up and went for a walk,to breathe fresh air,to feel the energy of sun,to hear chirping sounds of birds,to smell the fragnance of flowers,to open my eyes and mind and let the positivity flows in me.With that note in my mind I was taking rounds.
While walking I realized three pair of eyes staring at me that was actually killing me.At one point of time I felt like giving them a tight slap but my maturity and inhibitions stopped me from doing so.I ignored them the way I ignore stray dogs and moved ahead .
Now my question to all the respectable bloggers is that ''What will be your reaction in such circumstances?


ravish yadav July 23, 2010 at 10:53 AM  

i wud say u wud have slapped them or atleast walked upto them n asked "bhaiya kya aapke ghar mein maa behen nahi hain," but maam while doing so always keep in mind bout people around( agar old ya ladies ho sirf tab otherwise things could turn worse also). dikaat ye hai ki jab hum bol sakte hain hum tab bhi nahi bolte"but my maturity and inhibitions stopped me from doing so". asli baat hai ki aap ko ya to sharm aa rahi thi ya aap darr gaye the....

Unknown July 26, 2010 at 6:49 PM  

yadi ye sub aap sthanik bhashame likhate to bahut achha hota sub ke liye. Mujhe jaise kitane ko angreji nahi aati to Aap itana likhakar bhi koi phark nahi padata.Aam Adami bhashamehi Varatalap karana achha hoga maam.

Unknown July 27, 2010 at 10:49 AM  

Yadi Aap Hindi samajh sakati hai to mai thodi binati karun ki Aap mere lekh bhi samjha paayegi. Mai sabhi lekh Marathi me likhata hun. Is vishaypar maine likha hai. Ye to hamaari samaajik vyavastha kaa bhaag hai ,jisake kaaran Purusha aisa vartan karata hai.Unako Koi puchega to vahi log puchanevalonko Taraget kar denge. Lekin mai Ek Sujhav Dena chahata hun ki suraksha ke kaaran Bharat me---Nagar ho yaa Dehat ho-- kabhibhi Akela ghumana nahi chahiye!Isi vakta sirpha yahi ek uttar hai hamaare paas .
Durjanam Pratahamam Vande !

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BLOGGING makes me feel light hearted.To me its a medium for the outflow of emotions which are woven around me from quite sometimes and were controlling me and hovering my mind and soul.
Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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