tsunami, the monstrous waves
pulled lives through its engulfing waves
they have lost loved once, whom they believed to be their life
tsunami in eyes,
taking off the moisture from eyes
heart no more wants to beat
running, wandering....crying in pain
pain that not only involve body but the mind also

the turmoil is never ending

history knew that
we couldn't overcomes
 the aftermath we faced
 after Hiroshima Nagasaki
cancer  still carried away by genes

this time the nature attacked
nature has been taken for granted
we have been in love but lost it in a fraction of second


एक पत्ता गिरा शाख से
जा मिला धूल में
अपना पता भूल गया हो
मिटटी की परत ने
उसका आसतित्व ही मिटा दिया
खो गया कही
पूछा उसने पेड़ की शाख पर नए हरे पत्ते से
इतना ना इतरा, ना देख मुझे इस तरह
जहाँ मैं हूँ आज, वहा कल तू होगा
तेरा वजूद भी चंद लम्हों का हैं
जी ले इसे
फिर ना यह वक़्त होगा
इस धूल में मिलकर मेरी पहचान  धूल हो गयी
कुछ पता नहीं कब मैं हवां के साथ उड़ जाऊं
किस दिशा में जाऊं किस मिटटी में मिल जाऊं
ये वक़्त वक़्त की बात हैं

Life means

Live the way you want
life is too short to analyse
live every moment
so that you don't  regret later

life change with time
life ages with time
but smile
no matter what
but you are the same from inside
your outer cover may be changing
but the way your life is still under your control
take the charge now
before its too late to start
relalize the meaning of life
what it means
to live or pass
everything has some meaning in it
all you have to do
a just thought
thought which can give you a ray of hope
a flight without fear
hug life closely
it will hug you back
feel every moment
it will make your senses even better
so make you life better

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BLOGGING makes me feel light hearted.To me its a medium for the outflow of emotions which are woven around me from quite sometimes and were controlling me and hovering my mind and soul.
Oh! I am so relaxed now.
Definately, it has therapeutic effect.So keep healthy and happy blogging.

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