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‘’Doctor I am, tell me what is bothering you, the disease or the thought that leading to the disease’’

An old woman in oncology ward was constantly looking at that door as if she was expecting someone to come, to ask her how she is feeling. Her eyes were telling the story of her loneliness; wrinkles on her face were reflecting her pain and not only the age. At the age when she was retired from her responsibilities, no one is taking responsibility of her. When she needed the support of her loved ones, a shoulder for support, she would force to be in her bed in the ward by the nurses. She was just trying to find the reason to live, though she knew nobody needs her anymore and it would not affect anybody whether she is alive or dead.

My clinicals had started in third year and I was wondering with stethoscope around my neck as if I were practicing from years. I was actually watching her very closely and without any connecting cord, I felt myself connected to her on the ground of humanity, she needed someone and I gave my hand to her to gave her comfort and motivate her. Her emotional pain was worst than the cancer, the cancerous thoughts were invading her mind and the wounds were deeper to heal. I felt her agony without any conversation with her and I put my hand on shoulder to make her feel better. She smiled at me and spoke in Kannada but I understood what she meant without knowing the language.
At that moment, I thought, how her family left her like this. I was attached to her and she used to wait for me.

The days were passing by and because of my sessional exams, I couldn’t got to the hospital for 10 days. Once my exams got over, I went to the hospital took her favorite sweet ‘’pisum’’ but she was not their on her bed, not in the ward even. My eyes were rolling around to find her, in the mean time nurse came and informed me that the woman I am searching is no more …..I felt very helpless; stethoscope around my neck was suffocating me and could not gulp the pain.

However, that was an end of her sufferings ….That all I could say, when things are not under control. God is the best doctor and have the ability to heal even the deepest wound.

That woman died not from cancer but she just wanted too, cancer apparently became the reason but the reason was deeper.

The trend of treating patients has changed with the change in technology. Man is turning in to machine, a machine without perceptions. Consultation charges to be deposited on the counter and they hardly listen to you and treat you by their standard prescription, they won’t listen to you but give you the next appointments. No heart involved in profession, instead too professional attitude for the profession. I am not blaming the doctors, I am a doctor too and understands the limitations but it is my humble request to the doctors that make your patient feel that you heard them and treating them accordingly.

‘’Patients needs the medicines for the diseases but they need ear too’’

Women Power?

Happy International Women Day

I am not generalizing entire mass of society but I am pertaining this to the majority of the people who show their shocked faces when they would be informed that its a baby girl. I have seen educated people with their masked faces try to hide expressions but become mute for a while. People behave like that because they know that ''The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, "It's a girl." ~Shirley Chisholm. Its very sad state of affair that female feticide stills  happens in this so-called modern era and people kill their daughters, how could they do so?

The psychology behind this approach is  they have seen girl dying in womb, if given a chance to survive than she might become pray for the sexually deprived cruel species , that species would never look at her age but on gender, they might destroy her zest for living and may be she would be thrown in gutters or deserted area; left her crying in midst of life and death and the next day she would become breaking news for news channel and if not then might be selled in masala news.
If she is fortunate to escape from these turmoil, then she would get married and burnt for dowry by her in laws. Our daily newspaper says it all.

Just to release stress , I would like you to go in the past and think about Sita mata, daughter of king Janak and wife of Lord Shri Ram, she proved herself throughout her life, being a princess, a queen and wife of Lord Shri Ram  suffered throughout her life and given agniparaksha to prove that she is pure for the sake of Maryada. I firmly believe in god but its an ironical state that women has been treated like this from ages.

Now I would like to share with you a story; based on real life. ...I have been told by my friend a story of two women belonged to a huge giant family. Let me give them name kiran and simran. Simran was a selfless lady, would always devoted her time to meet the demands and needs of that family and she was happy.Family members took her for granted, she has been treated like a housekeeper and not as a family member but she was too innocent and so much involved in all that, that she never felt it. But when division of the family and division of house happened; she lost herself completely; forgot all her roles as a wife,mother,daughter in law,sister in law....and went into deep depression .She started showing extreme behaviour ....she used to be submissive at one time and at the other moment she used to burst in a fit of rage. Can you imagine how it would affected her kids, their childhood was at stake and they became insecure yet mature....too mature for their age. I have read in psychology that mother transfer her fears,anxiety and other emotions as well and that happened with those kids too. After suffering so much in her life, she silently left the world,the world which became hell for her .

The other women in the same family was Kiran and she was the lady of the house,though she was living in the same joint family but the from the very beginning she drew lines and never worked for other family members.She was focussed on her family and her kids and was just a mother and wife. She was the boss of the house and smart in handling matters.She used to give orders to Simran and get all her work done.She is still alive,happy and healthy even in the oldage.Nobody ever dared to take advantage of her.Her story reminded me the famous quote by Roseanne Barr
''The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ''

That was the story of two different women playing their roles differently.So tell me What is the moral of the story?this question I would like to be answered by the readers.

Forget about the gender thing, I think both belongs to the same planet and must share a harmonious relationship by understanding and respecting each other.With that note I would like to share this quote
“The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own. There is no other way,” by Betty Friedan.

I am tagging here my  blogger friends to participate in this contest.

नन्ही आँखों....

बचपन की धुंदली यादें
आज भी याद आती हैं
वो स्कूल बस में बैठकर
दूर तलक आँखों से ओझल होने का
सब मंज़र याद हैं
आरक्षण के नाम पर जलते लोग
चोरहों पर जगह जगह लगी आग
पथराव बसों पर
सब कुछ तहस नहस किया कुछ लोगो ने
नन्ही आँखों ने जो देखा
वो सब याद हैं
एक पत्थर मेरी सीट की खिड़की पर भी आया था
बस को रोका गया
हर तरफ आग ही आग थी
हम सब बच्चे रोने लगें
पर वो आवाज़ किसी के कानों में नहीं पड़ी
कुछ देर बाद फिर हमारी बस चली
पर वो यादें वही तहर गयी
वो यादें आज भी दिल को दहलाती हैं
पहले भी इंसान की कीमत नहीं थी
जानें जा रही थी
और आज भी इंसान की जान की कीमत नहीं
ऐसा आखिर क्यों ?

Yes..... Falling In Love Is Once-A-Lifetime Thing

                                                             image courtesy-Google

"Love is when you look into someones eyes and go all the way inside, to their soul and you both know... instantly."
- Angela Chase on My So Called Life 

Though love sounds dreamy to me and I do think that love is one time thing in life.What if I never fell in love before marriage.Love without commitment is like tree without its root.I have seen people falling in love with amnesic mind and once they get engaged they dump their ex lovers.People often confuse love with lust and remain confused  through out their lives and confuse others too.I need a poetic break to explain it further:

Love, a river of emotions
flowing and crossing the obstacles
carry everything
overriding emotions
dreamy condition
love needs care and respect
trust as the strong foundation

As I said love without commitment is like tree without roots and fish without water BUT commitment without love is worst than that.

"If the love you think you felt goes away quickly, then what you felt was never love to begin with."
- Henry Mac

I am not against love instead I believe love is the most wonderful thing to happen and if you have your soul mate with you than you don't bother about the world and that indeed leads to a successful life because you are happy inside.Life is simple but it is us who complicate it by weaving our thoughts and thoughts reflect our personality.Love who you are and love with whom you are, you will find life beautiful and meaningful.

                                                                   image courtesy-Google

Certainly true love happens one time in life if it happens over and over again than it would not be love.

“True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.”

-Alicia Barnhart

These were my words on the topic and I would like to hear others honest opinion about it whether against or in favor of it.

It seems to be people have become drowsy from the overdose of love so for that read this quote and believe me it works.....
Love yourself, for if you don't, how can you expect anybody else to love you?

On that note wish you all a very Happy Valentine day.Make yourself feel special and make it special for those whom you love.

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 I am writing FOR the topic of debate-Is Falling In Love Once-A-Lifetime thing?


Chewing tobacco
placed it in mouth
just for pleasure

Ignorant you were
informed about the consequences
but you never cared
never ever cared for those ,
who cared for you
neglected your health
your loved ones
for what
just for momentary pleasure

today you look pale,fatigued
your complexions has changed
you have changed
for what

look into the eyes of your mom
she looks older than her age
she looks worried
just think once
ask your conscience

a deep oral ulcer developed on the side of your tongue
quite deep it is
diagnozed to be oral cancer
still you want
that pleasure
don't panic
its an early stage
but my concern is the same
have you realized your mistake
what is your choice
quit that habit or life

tobacco is the main cause for ORAL CANCER
so please stay away from it
your life is precious
for you and your loved ones
they need you
think about them
choose a healthy lifestyle

I am just trying to spread awareness for those who consumes tobacco in any form.Being a dentist I want to tell people that choose life and NOT tobacco.Just a sincere request..........

Love Hate Relationship

when I entered into new relationship
I never thought it would be that complex
whenever I thought; I know you
it became a myth
at times I thought you are so indifferent
so rude and insensitive
Perhaps I was right
your cold attitude
when I did not listened to you

the other day you sounded
you never sounded before
your caring and loving nature
felt the way I never felt before
believed that I am on the top of the world
so secure I was 

the next day you burst with anger
forgot everything....
the love
holding tears in my eyes
I hide  my self in me
securing my heart in right place

but today your gesture
your unspoken words
your moist eyes
said everything
which I wanted to hear

Glad I belong to you
and so proud of you
I wrote  what I felt
but now I want to read
the silence
the laughter
the tears
and something about you and me
just you and me.........

Marriage is love hate relationship and like a wave it goes ,takes several turns .Just don't fall by those sharp turns and stand by it.So rise in love ; believe in you and those whom you love.The trust in relationship is foundation for healthy relationship.Just give some time and space and let the wound heal ,then you will find yourself where you wanted to be......and with whom you wanted to be with.......your soul mate.
so a little homework for my readers................

Do tell me your share of stories with fire and freeze element and link  to Close Up's Facebook page

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